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Maths 5–11 A Guide for Teachers

Maths 5–11: A Guide for Teachers

1st Edition

By Caroline Clissold
November 12, 2019

Focusing on good progression from Reception to Year 6, Maths 5–11 provides a clear and concise presentation of the fundamental knowledge that all primary mathematics teachers need. It provides readers with practical knowledge for the planning and assessment necessary to employ the ...

History 5–11 A Guide for Teachers

History 5–11: A Guide for Teachers

3rd Edition

By Hilary Cooper
November 22, 2017

Now in its third edition, History 5-11 aims to make teaching about the past exciting and stimulating for both teachers and children. Focusing on the English National Curriculum for History (2013), and with an emphasis on the importance of learning about the past through the processes of historical ...

Science 5-11 A Guide for Teachers

Science 5-11: A Guide for Teachers

3rd Edition

By Alan Howe, Christopher Collier, Kendra McMahon, Sarah Earle, Dan Davies
June 16, 2017

This third edition of the bestselling textbook Science 5–11 has been fully updated to provide a synthesis of research and best practice in teaching and learning that focuses on successful ways to engage and motivate young scientists. Responding to the new curriculum, particularly ‘Working ...

Modern Foreign Languages 5-11 A guide for teachers

Modern Foreign Languages 5-11: A guide for teachers

3rd Edition

By Jane Jones, Simon Coffey
November 30, 2016

The need to introduce pupils to learning languages at an early stage has been widely acknowledged, with MFL now a core part of the primary curriculum. Fully updated to support busy schools and teachers in planning, teaching and delivering the new primary MFL entitlement for all primary pupils, this...

English 5-11 A guide for teachers

English 5-11: A guide for teachers

3rd Edition

By David Waugh, Wendy Jolliffe
June 21, 2016

English is central to the primary-school curriculum and successfully mastering the basics has a significant influence on pupils’ ability to learn and achieve their future goals. Now fully updated, English 5–11 provides comprehensive, up-to-date and creative guidance on teaching English in the ...

Physical Education 5-11 A guide for teachers

Physical Education 5-11: A guide for teachers

2nd Edition

By Jonathan Doherty, Peter Brennan
December 06, 2013

Physical Education 5-11 is about lighting or relighting a fire in all those who have the privilege and the responsibility of teaching children physical education in Primary schools today. It is written at a time of great change: a revised Primary curriculum; an increased drive to raise achievement ...

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