1st Edition

Primary Teachers at Work

By R. J. Campbell, S. R. St. J. Neill Copyright 1994

    The first part of this book charts and analyses the working days of 326 primary school teachers. It shows how they spent their working lives, the nature of the curriculum they taught, and analyses their work into five main categories: Teaching, Preparation, Administration, Professional Development and Other Activities. The second part comments on the findings by relating them to issues of school management and curriculum manageability and looks at how the idea of `conscientiousness' among primary school teachers may have lead to their exploitation.

    List of illustrations, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Part I, Part II, APPENDIX I METHODS OF DATA ANALYSIS, APPENDIX II QUESTIONNAIRE, APPENDIX III RECORD OF TEACHER TIME, Bibliography, Index


    Jim Campbell, S. R. St. J. Neill