1st Edition

Principals of Modern Psychological Measurement A Festschrift for Frederic M. Lord

Edited By H. Wainer, S. Messick Copyright 1983

    Published in 1983, Principals of Modern Psychological Measurement is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

    PART I: STATISTICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS 1. On Lord's Paradox 2. Predictive Bias as an Artifact of Selection Procedures 3. The Centrality of Lord's Paradox and Exchangeability for All Statistical Inference 4. Multiple Comparisons Through Orderly Partitions: The Maximum Subrange Procedure PART II: ITEM RESPONSE THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS 5. The Promise of Tailored Tests 6. Ability Measures and Theories of Cognitive Development 7. The Discrete Bayesian 8. A General Latent Structure Model for Contigency Table Data 9. Notes on the Exponential Latency Model and an Empirical Application 10. Some Methods and Approaches of Estimating the Operating Characteristics of Discrete Item Responses PART III: FACTOR ANALYSIS 11. Factor Analysis as an Errors-in-Variables Model 12. Exploratory and Confirmatory Nonlinear Common Factor Analysis 13. Searching for Structure in Binary Data 14. The Greatest Lower Bound to Reliability PART IV: OTHER MODELS FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL MEASUREMENT 15. The Difficulty of a Test and Its Factor Composition Revisited 16. Evaluating Guttman Scales: Some Old and New Thoughts 17. Some Problems in Estimating Response Time Distributions 18. The Ideal Type Model PART V: COMMENTS ON THE MEASUREMENT OF TRAITS 19. Traits, States, and Situations: A Comprehensive View 20. How Can We Practice What We Preach?


    H. Wainer, S. Messick