Principles of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment  book cover
1st Edition

Principles of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment

ISBN 9781466590373
Published April 14, 2015 by CRC Press
445 Pages 232 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Principles of Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment covers the basic principles of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, including biological treatment, membrane filtration, and MBR applications. The book discusses concrete principles, appropriate design, and operational aspects.

It covers a wide variety of MBR topics, including filtration theory, membrane materials and geometry, fouling phenomena and properties, and strategies for minimizing fouling. Also covered are the practical aspects such as operation and maintenance.

Case studies and examples in the book help readers understand the basic concepts and principles clearly, while problems presented help advance relevant theories more deeply. Readers will find this book a helpful resource to understand the state of the art in MBR technology.

Table of Contents

Introduction of MBR
Direction in Research and Development (R&D) of MBR

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Microorganisms in Bioreactor
Microbial Stoichiometry in Bioreactor
Microbial Kinetics
Mass Balances
Biological Nitrogen Removal
Biological Phosphorus Removal

Membranes, Modules, and Cassettes

Membrane Separation Theories
Membrane Materials
Membrane Fabrication
Membrane Characterization
Membrane Performance
Membrane Modules
Membrane Cassettes

Membrane Fouling

Fouling Phenomena
Classification of Fouling
Types of Foulants
Factors Affecting Membrane Fouling
Quantitative Determination of Fouling
Fouling Control Strategy

MBR Operation

Operation Parameters
Aeration for Biotreatment and Membrane Aeration
Fouling Control

Design of MBR

Process Flow of Wastewater Treatment Plants Using MBR
Pretreatment System Design
Bioreactor Design
Aeration Design
Membrane System Design
Design Example

Case Studies

Commercial Membranes, Modules, and Cassettes for MBR
Case Studies of the MBR Processes Using Popular Membranes
Case Studies for Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Case Studies for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

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Hee-Deung Park is an associate professor at the School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering in Korea University, Seoul. He received his PhD in environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and conducted postdoctoral research at Stanford University. Prior to joining the faculty at Korea University, he worked at Kolon Engineering and Construction. Dr. Park’s research interests involve identifying microbial community compositions in environmental engineering settings such as activated sludge reactors, anaerobic digesters, and membrane filters, and exploring the correlations between community information and the function of environmental engineering systems.

In-Soung Chang is a professor in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Hoseo University in South Korea. He received his PhD from the Department of Chemical Technology in Seoul National University and conducted postdoctoral research at Cranfield University in the UK. Dr. Chang’s current research interest focus on water and wastewater treatment using high voltage impulses technique.

Kwang-Jin Lee is a PhD candidate at the School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering in Korea University, where he also received his MS and BS in physical chemistry. He has worked at Kolon Industries, Inc. as a researcher. He developed Cleanfil®-S Series of modules, which are now widely used in the environmental market. His research interests include the fabrication of nano-scaled material based membranes such as carbon nanotubes and analyzing the basic mechanisms of membrane performance.