1st Edition

Principles of Modified-Atmosphere and Sous Vide Product Packaging

Edited By Jeffrey M. Farber, Karen Dodds Copyright 1995
    464 Pages
    by Routledge

    464 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This is the first in-depth presentation in book form of both modified atmosphere and sous vide food preservation and packaging technologies and applications. The use of these technologies with all applicable food product categories is examined. The authors are specialists in these preservation/packaging methods from North America and Europe. All significant aspects are examined including processes and materials, applications, microbiological control, and regulations and guidelines. Topics of special interest include use of hurdles, HACCP, gas absorbents and generators, and time-temperature indicators. Extensive practical reference data is economically presented in tables.

    Introduction Karen L. Dobbs, Health Canada
    Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Sous Vide Technology Future
    A Perspective on MAP Products in North America and Western Europe Aaron L. Brody, Rubbright, Brody, Inc.
    A Brief Chronology of Altered Gaseous Environmental Food Packaging - North America - Europe - Conclusion - Appendix
    Current Status of Sous Vide in Europe Toon Martens, ALMA Universitieits, Belgium
    History - Present Market and Potential Growth - Technology - Safety Regulations - Research and Training - Conclusions
    Microbiological Concerns Associated with MAP and Sous Vide Products John H. Hanlin, George M. Evancho and Peter J. Slade, Campbell Soup Co.
    Introduction - Influence of Heat Processing on Survival of Pathogens - Influence of Gaseous Atmosphere on Survival and Growth of Pathogens in MAP and Sous Vide Products - Influence of Storage Temperature on Survival and Growth of Pathogens in MAP and Sous Vide Products - Control of Safety in MAP and Sous Vide Products
    MAP and CAP of Fresh, Red Meats, Poultry and Offals C. O. Gill, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    Introduction - Deteriorative Processes in Fresh Meats - Packaging Materials and Equipment - Types of Preservative Packaging - The Use of Preservative Packaging with Commercial Products - Concluding Remarks
    MAP of Cooked Meat and Poultry Products Joseph H. Hotchkiss and Scott W. Langston, Cornell University
    Introduction - Current MAP Technology - Shelf Life Extension by MAP - Combination of MAP and Other Technologies - Safety of Poultry and Cooked MAP Meats - Summary
    Fish and Shellfish Products in Sous Vide and Modified Atmosphere Packs D. M. Gibson and H. K. Davis, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, UK
    Fish Composition - Normal Aerobic Spoilage Pattern - Sensory Perception of Spoilage and Definition of Shelf Life - Processing Parameters - Shelf Life Extension with Sous Vide Processing - Implications of MAP and Sous Vide Processing on Product Safety - C


    Farber, Jeffrey M. | Dodds, Karen