1st Edition

Producing Instructional Systems Lesson Planning for Individualized and Group Learning Activities

By Romiszowski, A. J. Copyright 1986

    First Published in 1986. This two-volume work on the development of instruction is planned as a companion to an earlier book- Designing Instructional Systems. This earlier book dealt with the decision-making process involved in overall course planning and curriculum design. The present continues on to the micro-design stages of lesson and instructional materials development. The work is divided into two volumes. Volume 1, Producing Instructional Systems, deals with lesson planning for individualised instruction in the conventional classroom environment, as well as planning of all group learning situations, simulations and games. Volume 2, Developing Auto-Instructional Materials, deals with the development of many different types of materials, including programmed instruction, structural communication, various styles of structured writing, audio and audio-visual instruction and the many types of computer-based materials now being introduced in both education and training. Taken together, these two volumes give extensive coverage of practical techniques for the development of instruction.

    Introduction to Producing Instructional Systems 1 The Individualisation of Instruction: Analysis of Concept 2 The Structure of Individualised Instructional Systems 3 Some Individualised Systems: An Evaluative View Part 2: Strategy: Macro Instructional Design 4 The Analysis of Knowledge and Skills- A New Model for Instructional Design 5 A Review of Instructional Design: The First Two Levels 6 Some Typical Instructional Plans: An Evaluation Part 3: Micro Instructional Design: Lesson Planning 7 the Third Level of Analysis: Selecting and Planning the Tactics of Instruction 8 The Structure of Knowledge- and its Analysis 9 The Structure of Skilled Behaviour 10 A Model for the Preparation of Lesson Plans 11 The Planning of Group Learning Exercises 12 Producing Educational Simulations and Games 13 The Evaluation of an Instructional System 14 Evaluation the Evaluation System (or, Why Instruction Fails) 15 Establishing Perspective (Where Are We? Where Are We Going?)


    A.J. Romiszowski