1st Edition

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) A Digital Journey Using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

By Uthayan Elangovan Copyright 2020
    122 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    2020 Taylor & Francis Award Winner for Outstanding Professional Book!

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): A Digital Journey Using Industrial Internet of Things (IIot) provides a summary of the essential topics of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the era of Industry 4.0.

    The book discusses emerging technologies, their contribution towards enhancing product design, development, and manufacturing. It also presents the integration of PLM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) along with IIoT as well the integration of mechanical, electronic components, embedded systems, firmware and software focusing on smart design, development, and manufacturing in the digital transformation journey. The book provides a high-level overview of how the smart product development through smart manufacturing materializes within the smart ecosystem.

    Manufacturing professionals, designers, mechanical, electrical, electronics, instrumentation and industrial engineers, information and communication technology consultants and those working in production planning, process control, and operations will find this book invaluable.

    Chapter 1: PLM Components
    PLM facility in an Enterprise
    Components of PLM
    Levels of PLM
    Feasible value of PLM

    Chapter 2: PLM ecosystem
    Goal of Integrating PLM with ERP
    Integration of ERP, MES
    Integration of PLM, ERP, MES
    Integration of PLM, ALM, SLM
    Integration of PLM with SCM
    What Business needed to learn about PLM in the period of Industry 4.0?
    Digital Transformation of PLM

    Chapter 3: Evolution of IIoT
    IoT in manufacturing environment
    Augmentation of smart device
    Technological drive of Process
    Business Value Stream of IIoT
    End to End IIoT environment

    Chapter 4: Smart Product Development
    Physical to Smart product
    Connected Product Development
    Smart Product Ecosystem

    Chapter 5: Convergence of PLM with IIoT
    Digital Collaboration
    Digital Collaboration to Digital Transformation
    Industry 4.0 leverage PLM
    SMART PLM or I-PLM 4.0
    Business Challenges of Digital Transformation
    Mitigation of digital transformation challenges
    Benefits of Digital Transformation

    Chapter 6: Industry 4.0 technologies that enhance PLM
    Technologies of Industry 4.0
    PLM housed through Cloud computing

    Chapter 7: PLM using IIoT Use case
    PLM Use Case
    PLM – ERP integration Use Case
    PLM – ERP – MES integration Use Case
    PLM – IIoT integration Use Case
    IIoT Involvement in Other Industries, Sensors, and Coummunication
    Return on Investment


    Uthayan Elangovan has 16 years of dynamic experience, which ranges from product lifecycle management (PLM) to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) consulting for assorted scope of associations, including automotive, electrical, medical, industrial, and electronics enterprises. He help and lead PLM, IIoT usage and sub-ventures with cutting edge collaboration tools and techniques give consulting to worldwide clients. Energetic about PLM, IIoT and its effect on product development guaranteeing PLM – IIoT system meets client deliverable’s while supporting business process. Having been interested in manufacturing technological advancement in automation, influenced him to author his first book titled "Smart Automation to Smart Manufacturing – Industrial Internet of Things", was named as one of the best Manufacturing Automation ebooks of all time by BookAuthority. He holds a bachelors in mechanical engineering from Kongu Engineering College and masters in computer integrated manufacturing from PSG College of Technology. He currently resides in Tamilnadu, India, and is practicing as consultant—PLM and IIoT, providing business and education consulting through his consulting firm – Neel SMARTEC Consulting , guest lectures, conducting seminars, workshops, and training besides available for private consultations.