1st Edition

Professional Development in Social Work Complex Issues in Practice

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    Social work practice in the twenty-first century is continually changing. Contemporary practitioners work in complex areas and have to do so quickly and competently. This text helps qualified social workers, as well as those about to qualify, to build on their initial studies in order to develop professionally.

    The volume considers not just what you need to know to practice, but how you develop in criticality and capability – in particular, how you can respond effectively in times of uncertainty and change to become more effective. It examines new roles, identities and contexts, including some international perspectives and the impact of globalisation. Each chapter discusses the contexts of practice (such as law, policies and theories); the contributions made both by those who practice social work and those who use its services; and the capabilities and skills that social workers need to develop in order to deal with complexity in social work.

    Making use of The Open University’s expertise in providing cutting edge but accessible course materials and its distinct approach to social work practice, this textbook includes underpinning knowledge, practical applications and critical reflexivity. It includes questions for further reflection and application , plentiful examples and suggestions for further reading.

    Aimed at the newly qualified practitioner and the developing professional, Professional Development in Social Work is written by a team of authors with extensive practice and teaching experience. It will be particularly useful to students undertaking post-qualifying training or in the final year of their qualifying studies.

    Part 1: Complex contexts  1. Effective multi-agency work in children’s services, Wendy Rose  2. Policy swings and roundabouts: social work in shifting social and economic contexts, Ian Buchanan  3. Criticality and reflexivity: best practice in uncertain environments, Barry Cooper  4. Reflections on values and ethics in social work practice, Mick McCormick and Sandy Fraser  5. A social worker 'in work and outside work': the benefits and dilemmas of registration, Fran Wiles  6. Diverse service users and diverse workers: the impact of globalization, Alun Morgan  7. Professional identity and international social work: the view from afar, Sandy Fraser  Part 2: Complex roles, responsibilities and relationships  8. The use of self and relationship: swimming against the tide? Janet Seden  9. Refugees and asylum seekers: the social work role, Monica Dowling and Parissa Sextone  10. Youth justice: children in trouble or children in need? Barry Cooper and Richard Hester  11. Children with disabilities: international perspectives for developing practice, Monica Dowling  12. The changing role of social workers in developing contexts for mental health professionals, Sarah Matthews  13. With respect to old age, Caroline Holland  14. The well-being of people with learning disabilities, Sue Dumbleton  15. Policies and practice with ‘vulnerable’ adults, Mick McCormick  16. Untangling the web of service user involvement in social services work, Mo McPhail  17. Person-centred approaches to social work with older people: aspirations and contradictions, Sandy Sieminski  18. People who use services: finding a voice through ICT, Alun Morgan  19. Child and family focused work in children’s services, Jane Aldgate  Part 3: Complex challenges in the workplace  20. Learning in practice: some reflections on the student's journey, Roger Davis, Jean Gordon and Gill Walker  21. Technology-enhanced learning for social work education and practice, Ingrid Nix  22. An innovative approach to the study and practice of social work values, Sandy Fraser  23. Reflections on writing in social work education and practice, Lucy Rai  24. Caring for yourself, being managed and professional development, Janet Seden and Mick McCormick  25. Careering through social work: metaphors of continuing professional development, Barry Cooper  26. Continuing professional development: enhancing high quality practice, James Blewett


    Janet Seden is Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University, UK.

    Sarah Matthews is Staff Tutor at The Open University. She was a Mental Health Act Commissioner and also runs a training and consultancy business.

    Mick McCormick is Lecturer in social work with the Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University, UK.

    Alun Morgan is Lecturer in social work with the Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University, UK.