128 Pages
    by David Fulton Publishers

    Providing an overview of the current context of ICT teaching within the primary classroom and an analysis of how to progress with it in order to enhance learning, this text:

    • provides an analysis of what progression in ICT is and breaks this down into a series of detailed objectives
    • includes 'real life' examples and case studies that highlight how progression occurs within the classroom
    • contains a reference chart that documents progression in terms of learning objectives and subject content
    • gives advice on teaching ICT in different settings or with varied resources.

    It is an essential resource for all practising and trainee primary teachers.

    Part 1: A Rationale for Teaching ICT. Learning and How Children Learn. The Curriculum and what Children Learn. Summary. References Part 2: Progression in ICT. A Model of ICT Capability. Components of Capability. The Projects. Summary Part 3: Planning ICT. General Principles. Planning for Progression. Challenging Children. Using the Projects. Where to Find Information, Guidance, Resources and Ideas. References Part 4: Assessment. Assessing ICT. Issues Associated with Assessing ICT. Working with the Projects. Summary. References Part 5: Organising and Managing ICT. The Classroom Computer. The Interactive Whiteboard. Laptops0. Other ICT resources0. The Computer Suite0. Outside the School Building. Resources. Summary Part 6: The Future. Hardware and Software. Networking. e-pedagogy. School Buildings and Classrooms


    Richard Bennett