1st Edition

Progressive Neoliberalism in Education Critical Perspectives on Manifestations and Resistance

Edited By Ajay Sharma, Mardi Schmeichel, Elizabeth Wurzburg Copyright 2023
    230 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This volume makes the novel contribution of applying Nancy Fraser’s concept of progressive neoliberalism to education in order to illustrate how social justice efforts have been co-opted by neoliberal forces.

    As well as recognising the lack of consensus surrounding the very nature of Fraser’s concept of progressive neoliberalism, the book delivers a diversity of perspectives and methodological orientations that offer critical and nuanced examination of the diverse ways in which progressive neoliberalism has shaped education in North America. Documenting manifestations of progressive neoliberalism in areas including anti-racist education, teacher education, STEM, and assessment, the volume uses qualitative empirical research and critical discourse analysis to identify emerging tools and strategies to disentangle the progressive aims of education from neoliberal agendas.

    Offering a rarely nuanced treatment of the phenomenon of neoliberalism, this text will benefit scholars, academics, and students in the fields of education policy and politics, the sociology of education, and the philosophy of education more broadly. Those involved with the theory of education and multicultural education in general will also benefit from this volume.

    Part I: Conceptual Critiques of Progressive Neoliberalism in Education

    1. Introduction: The Twin Motors of Neoliberalism and Progressivism
    2. Ajay Sharma, Mardi Schmeichel, and Elizabeth Wurzburg

    3. Progressive Neoliberalism and the Poverty of the Educational Imaginary
    4. Graham B. Slater and Alexander J. Means

    5. Dreaming of Global Ecosocialist Futures: Possible Contributions from Science and Technology Education
    6. J. Lawrence Bencze

      Part II: Manifestations of Progresive Neoliberalism in Education

    7. The Progressive Neoliberal Proxy: "Colonizing" Empowerment, Choice, and Equity in a Midwest Charter Network
    8. Angela Kraemer-Holland and Alexandra Cruz

    9. Progressive Neoliberal Teacher Education: Antithetical to Social Justice Teacher Education?
    10. Andrew F. Miller and Elizabeth Stringer Keefe

    11. Teachers as Superheroes: Ethical Jeopardy and Progressive Neoliberalism
    12. Rachel Ranschaert, Ajay Sharma, and Ruth Harman

    13. Reframing Progressive Neoliberalism: The Rhetoric of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
    14. Kerry Ann McKeon

    15. Postfeminism, Progressive Neoliberalism, and Teacher Influencers
    16. Mardi Schmeichel, Stacey Kerr, and Elizabeth Wurzburg

    17. Progressive Neoliberalism in Action: President Biden Sides with Capital in Mandating K-12 Testing in 2021
    18. Stephanie Jones

    19. The Progressive Neoliberalism of Teach For America
    20. Elisabeth E. Lefebvre, Matthew A.M. Thomas, and Katherine Crawford-Garrett

      Part III: Emerging Tools and Strategies to Disentangle Progressive Neoliberalism and Education

    21. The Capture of International Education by Progressive Neoliberalism: Illuminations, Qualifications, and Educating Beyond
    22. Paul Tarc

    23. The Chicago Teachers Unions as Counterhegemony: Organized Resistance During COVID-19
    24. Rhiannon Maton

    25. We (Re) Member: Progressive Neoliberalism and School Closure
    26. Shakita Thomas Kpetay

    27. Progressive Neoliberalism: Overview and Possible Futures

      Ajay Sharma, Mardi Schmeichel, and Elizabeth Wurzburg


    Ajay Sharma is Associate Professor of Educational Theory and Practice, University of Georgia, USA.

    Mardi Schmeichel is Associate Professor of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA.

    Elizabeth Wurzburg is Assistant Clinical Professor of Educational Theory & Practice at the University of Georgia, USA.