1st Edition

Promoting Young People's Wellbeing through Empowerment and Agency A Critical Framework for Practice

By Lucy Maynard, Karen Stuart Copyright 2018
    182 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    182 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The terms ‘wellbeing’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘agency’ are common parlance in policy and practice with children, young people and families (CYPF), yet are often misused or not fully understood. Further, there is a disconnect between these abstract concepts and tangible practice with CYPF.

    This book bridges the theory-practice divide, offering a clear and definitive guide to concepts and practical ways to develop CYPF wellbeing. It examines the concept of wellbeing and its intrinsic relationship to social justice both theoretically and through case study material, and locates these practices within critical pedagogy. The book highlights a range of practice with CYPF of various ages, in formal and non-formal learning situations, engaged in a range of different programmes including learning, reduction from offending, social action and tackling targeted needs. Each chapter highlights relevant policy, research and practice examples to ensure that the book is relevant to a variety of readers.

    This book will benefit students and practitioners who work with young people to realise wellbeing and to embed critical pedagogy in their practice. It also provides a frame of reference to critically engage in policy analysis and is essential reading for social workers, teachers, police support officers and anyone working to support CYPF to become empowered.



    1: Wellbeing and social justice

    2: Wellbeing from multi-disciplinary perspectives

    3: Wellbeing from global perspectives

    4: Wellbeing and critical pedagogy

    5: Wellbeing, structures and post-structuralism

    6: Wellbeing and agency

    7: Wellbeing, empowerment and oppression


    8: A critical pedagogical approach to tackling sexual exploitation

    9: A critical pedagogical approach to reducing re-offending

    10: A critical pedagogical approach to learning and employability

    11: A critical pedagogical approach to homelessness

    12: A critical pedagogical approach to social action and leadership

    13: A critical pedagogical approach to family work

    14: A critical pedagogical approach to practitioner development

    15: Critically pedagogical practices



    Lucy Maynard is Head of Research at the Brathay Trust. Lucy is a participatory action researcher, working within practice with children, young people and families, to better understand the process of empowerment and agency in wellbeing. This is in order to develop practice and inform the sector and policy.

    Kaz Stuart is Principal Lecturer at the University of Cumbria, UK. Kaz manages a range of degree programmes that support practitioners who will work with CYPF. Kaz is an active researcher driven by a passion for wellbeing and social justice, whether that be for CYPF, practitioners or lecturers.