1st Edition

Protecting the Global Environment

ISBN 9781594516757
Published August 30, 2011 by Routledge
203 Pages

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Book Description

" Gary Bryner's brief, readable, capstone book: " Features a forward by Mark A. Boyer Outlines the major environmental challenges facing the world today Applies international relations theory to these challenges Covers such key topics as development, sustainability, and market capitalism Offers a social justice perspective to environmental problems and solutions Borne of an amalgam of social science, fieldwork, and a passionate commitment to justice, this book brings debates about climate change to a new level, compelling readers and researchers to rethink the reasons for reversing global environmental trends. The book lays out three inspirations for improving environmental prospects: effective markets, sustainable development, and environmental justice for the most vulnerable. It also projects three possible scenarios flowing from the success or failure of these inspirations one bleak, one breakthrough, and one of status quo. Gary Bryner is not sanguine about humanity s ability to make the right choices, but this does not deter him from asking us to think beyond our own generation and our own species in urging environmental action now."


"An outstanding work of synthesis in environmental thought written in exceptionally readable prose. By bringing together theories from the disparate fields of international relations, economics and political philosophy, Bryner charts a path toward our environmental future that is freer, fairer, greener. His is a lasting legacy."
-Richard P. Hiskes, University of Connecticut, author of The Human Right to a Green Future

“Protecting the Global Environment provides readers with an insightful overview of the conceptual tools needed to address the current global environmental crisis. Bryner superbly highlights the importance of making markets more sustainable, development more equitable, and international policies more just. His powerful message is essential reading for all students of global environmental politics.”
-Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo and co-author of Paths to a Green World

“Once again, Gary Bryner has given us a book with lasting value. He provides an insightful guide to how international relations theory can help us understand and respond to the vast environmental challenges of our era. His core message: we must rethink what it means for markets to work, for development to be sustainable, and for society to be fair--and find ways to act on those new understandings through international politics. Bryner's analysis gives us cause for hope without underplaying the scope of the task ahead.”
-Ken Conca, American University and co-editor of Green Planet Blues

“Bryner offers a cogent political analysis of global environmental problems, explainging that an expansion of knowledge regarding environmental threats over the last 40 years contrasts sharply with ineffective policy making…Recommended.”
–CHOICE September 2011 Vol 49. No. 01