5th Edition

Psychoeducational Assessment of Preschool Children

    476 Pages
    by Routledge

    476 Pages
    by Routledge

    Psychoeducational Assessment of Preschool Children, Fifth Edition, provides academics and school-based practitioners such as psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and social workers with an up-to-date guide to the assessment of young children. Long recognized as the standard text and reference in its field, this comprehensive, skill-building overview is organized into four sections: foundations, ecological assessment, assessment of developmental domains, and special considerations. Chapters written by recognized scholars in the field cover theory, research, and application. This thoroughly revised new edition addresses current developments in preschool assessment, new policies and legislation, and student/family population demographics. 


    Chapter 1

    • Issues in Preschool Assessment

    Richard J. Nagle, Sandra Glover Gagnon, and Pamela Kidder-Ashley,

    Chapter 2

    • Clinical Observation of Preschool Assessment Behavior

    Bruce A. Bracken and Lea A. Theodore

    Chapter 3

    • Creating the Optimal Preschool Testing Situation

    Bruce A. Bracken and Lea A. Theodore

    Ecological Assessment

    Chapter 4

    • School Readiness and Academic Functioning in Preschoolers

    Robin L. Hojnoski and Kristen N. Missall

    Chapter 5

    • Assessment of Parents’ Support of Young Children’s Learning Through a Sociocultural Lens

    Patricia H. Manz, Dominique Levert, Milim Lee, Yin Cai, Marisa Sole, and Yael Gross

    Chapter 6

    • Assessment of Preschoolers’ School and Classroom Environment

    Robin A. McWilliam, Catalina P. Morales Murillo, and Cami M. Stevenson

    Chapter 7

    • Play-Based Approaches to Preschool Assessment

    Lisa Kelly-Vance and Brigette O. Ryalls

    Assessment of Developmental Domains

    Chapter 8

    • Behavior and Social-Emotional Skills Assessment of Preschool Children

    Sara Whitcomb and Jessica Kemp

    Chapter 9

    Information Classification: General

    • Adaptive Behavior Assessment of Preschool Children

    Patti L. Harrison

    Chapter 10

    • Cognitive Assessment of Preschool Children: A Pragmatic Review of Theoretical,

    Quantitative, and Qualitative Characteristics

    Joseph R. Engler and Vincent C. Alfonso

    Chapter 11

    • Assessing Communication, Language, and Speech in Preschool Children

    Lena G. Caesar and Sharlene Wilson Ottley

    Chapter 12

    Assessment of Gross Motor Development in Preschool Children

    Eva V. Monsma, Sally Taunton Miedema, Ali S. Brian, and Harriet G. Williams

    Special Considerations

    Chapter 13

    • Screening and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Preschool-Aged Children

    Abigail L. Hogan, Kimberly J. Hills, Carla A. Wall, Elizabeth A. Will, and Jane Roberts

    Chapter 14

    • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations

    Samuel O. Ortiz and Jane Y. T. Wong

    Chapter 15

    • Executive Functions and Neuropsychological Assessment

    George McCloskey, Bradley Petry, Leslie McIntosh, Jeff Kelly, and Joseph Filacheck

    Chapter 16

    • Understanding the Impact of Poverty and Implications for Assessment with

    Young Children from Low-Resource Backgrounds

    Julia Mendez and Doré LaForett

    Chapter 17

    • Linking Assessment Results to Evidence-Based Interventions: Best Practices for

    Preschool Children

    Lea A. Theodore


    Vincent C. Alfonso, Ph.D., is former Dean of the School of Education at Gonzaga University, USA, Interim Dean of Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University, USA, and past president of Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association.

    Bruce A. Bracken, Ph.D., is Professor of Education at the College of William & Mary, USA, co-founder of the Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, past-president of the International Test Commission, and author of early childhood tests and curricula.

    Richard J. Nagle, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Louise Fry Scudder Professor of Psychology at the University of South Carolina, USA.