1st Edition

Psychology Library Editions: Emotion 12 Volume Set

    3268 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Emotion (or affect) is a cross-disciplinary subject in psychology. Psychology Library Editions: Emotion makes available again twelve previously out-of-print titles that were originally published between 1976 and 1999, either as a set or as individual volumes, in your choice of print or ebook. Written by a range of authors from diverse backgrounds and spanning different areas of psychology, such as clinical, cognitive, developmental and social, the volumes feature a variety of approaches and topics. This is a great opportunity to trace the development of research in emotion from a number of different perspectives.

    1) Structure in Thought and Feeling Susan Aylwin

    2) Temperament: Early Developing Personality Traits Arnold H. Buss and Robert Plomin

    3) Communication, Social Cognition, and Affect Lewis Donohew, Howard E. Sypher and E. Tory Higgins (Eds.)

    4) Cognitive and Affective Growth: Developmental Interaction Shapiro Edna and Evelyn Weber (Eds.)

    5) Altruistic Emotion, Cognition, and Behavior Nancy Eisenberg

    6) Motivation and Emotion Phil Evans

    7) The Psychobiology of Affective Development Nathan A. Fox and Richard J. Davidson (Eds.)

    8) Affect, Conditioning, and Cognition: Essays on the Determinants of Behavior J. Bruce Overmier and F. Robert Brush (Eds.)

    9) Adolescence, Affect and Health Donna Spruijt-Metz

    10) Emotion, Cognition, Health, and Development in Children and Adolescents Elizabeth J. Susman, Lynne V. Feagans and William J. Ray (Eds.)

    11) Made for Life: Coping, Competence and Cognition Johanna Turner

    12) Emotions and Anxiety: New Concepts, Methods, and Applications Marvin Zuckerman and Charles D. Spielberger (Eds.)