1st Edition

Psychology of Mathematics for Instruction

By L. B. Resnick, W. W. Ford Copyright 1981

    Published in 1981, Psychology of Mathematics for Instruction is a valuable contribution to the field of Education.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 The Nature of a Psychology of Mathematics; Part 1 Mathematics as Computation; Chapter 2 The Psychology Of Drill and Practice; Chapter 3 Transfer Hierarchies and the Organization of Instruction; Chapter 4 Analyses of Performance on Computational Tasks; Part 2 Mathematics as Conceptual Understanding and Problem Solving; Chapter 5 Teaching the Structures of Mathematics; Chapter 6 Structure and Insight in Problem Solving; Chapter 7 Piaget and the Development of Cognitive Structures; Chapter 8 Information-Processing Analyses of Understanding; Conclusion; Chapter 9 Looking Ahead;


    Lauren B. Resnick, Wendy W. Ford