1st Edition

Public Relations Theory III In the Age of Publics

Edited By Carl Botan, Erich Sommerfeldt Copyright 2023
    556 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    556 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This important book chronicles, responds to, and advances the leading theories in the public relations discipline.

    Taking up the work begun by the books Public Relations Theory and Public Relations Theory II, this volume offers completely original material reflecting public relations as practiced today. It features contributions by leading public relations researchers from around the world who write about new developments in the field. Important subjects include: a turn to more humanistic, social, dialogic, and cocreational perspectives on public relations; changes in the capacity and use of new information technologies; a greater emphasis on non-Western international and intercultural public relations that considers an increasingly politically polarized culture; and issues of ethics that look beyond how clients and the traditional mass media are treated and into much broader questions of voice, agency, race, identity, and the economic and political status of publics.

    This book is a touchstone for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in public relations theory and a key reference for researchers.


    Organization of the Book

    1. Introduction: In the Age of Publics

    Carl H. Botan, Erich J. Sommerfeldt

    Section 1: Publics Take Center Stage

    2. In the Age of Publics: Evolving Understandings of Theory and Publics

    Carl H. Botan

    3. A "Public" by Any Other Name: Reclaiming Publics Theory, and Liberating Publics From "OPR"

    Erich J. Sommerfeldt & Jeannette Iannocone

    4. Theorizing Digital Engagement in Public Relations

    Kim Johnston

    5. Situational Theory of Problem Solving (STOPS): A Foundational Theory of Publics and its Behavioral Nature in Problem Solving

    Myoung-Gi Chon, Lisa Tam, Hyelim Lee, Jeong-Nam Kim

    6. Applying the Network Perspective to Public Relations Theory and Practice

    Adam Saffer, Aimei Yang

    7. Development of Intercultural Public Relations Theory

    Lan Ni, Bey-Ling Sha

    8. Agenda Building Through Community Building: Theorizing Place and Digital Space in Grassroots Activist Public Relations

    Stephanie Madden, Mikayla Pevac

    Section 2: New and Revised Theories

    9. Dialog Theory in Public Relations

    Michael L. Kent

    10. Capturing the Complexity and Dynamism of Decision Making in PR: The Contingency Theory of Strategic Conflict Management

    Augustine Pang, Yan Jin, Glen T. Cameron

    11. Crisis Communication Theory: Emergence of a Vibrant Sub-Field of Public Relations Theory

    W. Timothy Coombs, Elina R. Tachkova

    12. Digital Crisis Communication Theory: Current Landscapes and Future Trajectories

    Brooke Fisher Lui, Yan Jin, Lucinda Austin

    13. Social theory in Public Relations: Insights and Directions

    Lee Edwards, Øyvind Ihlen

    14. The IDEA Model Theoretical Framework: An Explication of Risk Communication as Engaged Public Relations

    Tim L. Sellnow, Deanna D. Sellnow, Bengt Johansson, Derek R. Lane, Matthew W. Seeger

    15. Public Relations in a Postdisciplinary World: On the Possibility of Establishing a Constitutive Theory Within the Tribal Struggles of Communication Disciplines

    Howard Northhaft, Ansgar Zerfass

    Section 3: Race, Gender and Culture Interact With Theories

    16. Introduction and Advances in Feminist Theory in Public Relations

    Elizabeth L. Toth

    17. Critical Race Theory, Identity and Public Relations

    Nneka Logan

    18. Public Relations Theory Development In China: In the Areas of Dialogic Communication, Crisis Communication, and CSR Communication

    Yi-Ru Regina Chen, Chun-Ju Flora, Hung-Baesecke, Yang Chen

    19. Culture and Dialog Theory in Public Relations: The Middle Eastern Context

    Ganga S. Dhanesh, Ruth Avidar

    20. European School of Public Relations: Origins,Main Traits, and Theoretical Contributions

    Chiara Valentini, Vilma Louma-aho

    21. Public Relations Theory in Latin American Culture And Context: A Post-Colonialist Perspective

    Ana-María Suárez-Monsalve, Carlos Molleda

    22. Inviting an Ubuntu-Based Approach to Public Relations Theory Building in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Prisca S. Ngondo, Anna Klyueva

    Section 4: Applications of Theory

    23. Health Communication Theory in Public Relations

    Sarah A. Aghazadeh, Linda Aldoory

    24. Relationship Management Theory: Its Past, Present, and Future

    Eyun-Jung Ki, Yi-Hui Huang, Tugce Era-Etem

    25. Media Relations: Research, Theory, and the Digital Age

    Xiaomeng Lan, Spiro Kiousis

    26. The Implications of Character Assassination and Cancel Culture for Public Relations Theory

    Sergei A. Samoilenko, James M. Jasper

    27. Strategic Issues Management: A Rhetorical Theoretical Perspective on Contestable Questions of Place

    Damion Waymer, Robert L. Heath

    28. Theoretical Models for Corporate Social Media Use

    Alvin Zhou, Linjuan Rita Men

    29. A Theoretic Perspective on the Evolution of Ethics

    Shannon A. Bowen


    30. Reflections on the Evolving Theories of Public Relations

    Maureen Taylor


    Carl H. Botan is Emeritus Professor of Communication at George Mason University, USA.

    Erich J. Sommerfeldt is Associate Professor at the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota, USA.