1st Edition

Pulse Radiolysis of Irradiated Systems

By Yoneho Tabata Copyright 1991
    520 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Pulse Radiolysis presents an in-depth discussion of the pulse radiolysis technique, one of the most important and powerful means for detecting transient and relaxation phenomena and following their behavior in irradiated systems. The book covers the principle of pulse radiolysis, identifies various kinds of pulse radiolysis techniques, and discusses recent advancements in the field. The text also discusses new experimental pulse radiolysis techniques (basic and applied) in broad scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. These techniques include picosecond pulse radiolysis, single particle radiolysis, and muon-induced transient phenomena. Pulse Radiolysis provides essential information for all professionals involved with pulse radiolysis research.

    Introduction-Pulse Radiolysis. Twin Linac Pulse Radiolysis System. Time-Resolved Single-Photon Counting Technique in Radiolysis of Hydrocarbons. Time-Resolved Magnetic Resonance Study. Time-Resolved Atmospheric Pressure Mass-Spectroscopy. Time-Resolved Conductivity Techniques, DC to Microwave. Time-Resolved Light-Scattering Study. Picosecond Ultraviolet Multiphoton Laser Photolysis Related to Radiolysis. Pulse Radiolysis in the Gas Phase. Studies of Gamma-, Alpha-, Positron- and Muon-Induced Spurs by Single-Particle Pulse Radiolysis Technique. Muon Spin Resonance Studies by Pulsed Muon Beam. Ion-Beam Pulse Radiolysis. Early Processes in Crystalline Alkali-Halides. Early Processes in Liquids. Geminate Ion Recombination in Non-Polar Liquid. Pulse Radiolysis in Glassy Solid. Pulse Radiolysis Studies of Aqueous Solutions. Pulse Radiolysis Study Related to Organic Synthesis. Pulse Radiolysis Macromolecules. Pulse Radiolysis Nucleic Acids in Aqueous Solution.


    Yoneho Tabata