1st Edition

Qatar The Practice of Rented Power

By Diana Galeeva Copyright 2022
    236 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    236 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explains the parameters of Qatar’s political growth by developing an alternative theory of power – ‘rented’ power.

    The author demonstrates how Qatar’s emergence as a regional power can be solely explained by its capacity as a gas-rich rentier state. By using Qatar as an empirical case study of the ‘rented’ power theory, readers will gain insight into Qatar’s engagement with non-state actors (political Islam, tribes, media, sports, and others) to wield its power, allowing Qatar to ‘rent’ the well-established influence of non-state actors due to their transnational nature. The Qatari case demonstrates a state’s ability to establish a patron-client relationship with non-state actors, overcoming limitations set by size or military strength to gain international influence.

    This book is accessible to a wide readership: it will be of interest of scholars, postgraduates, journalists, policy experts, and a general audience whose interests include the politics of the Middle East and the GCC states particularly

    Part 1: Rented Power: Main Features  1. Introduction of the Concept of Rented Power  2. Rented Power: Theoretical Foundations  Part 2: Wielding Rented Power  3. Rented Power in Use: Political Islam  4. Rented Power in Use: Tribalism  5. Rented Power in Use: Media  6. Rented Power in Use: Sports  Part 3: The Future of Rented Power  7. Concluding Remarks on Rented Power  Bibliography


    Diana Galeeva is Academic Visitor to St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford

    "Galeeva has delivered an informative and well-written book which is rich in detail and offers thought-provoking analysis. It breaks new ground and proposes an original conceptualization that makes an important contribution to the academic debate on the foreign policy of small states within the Gulf region. It makes for insightful and essential reading."

    Dr Steven Wright, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

    "Exploring Qatar's remarkable influence-building around the world, this is the definitive account of the wealthy but enigmatic emirate's international relations. Asking all the right questions, and buttressed by objective analysis and critical thinking, Galeeva picks through the propaganda and puts forward a compelling and carefully structured thesis. Essential reading for everyone seeking a better understanding of this increasingly important gas exporting, World Cup-hosting, and Taleban-negotiating micro state".

    Christopher Davidson, author of From Sheikhs to Sultanism: Statecraft and Authority in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

    "Dr Galeeva has produced one of the most detailed and richly researched books focusing on Qatar in a long time. After arriving at a judicious organizing principle by coining the concept of 'rented power', the book offers a sumptuous reflection on Qatar's many international endeavours and the ways that the state sought to achieve influence and power far and wide". 

    Dr David B Roberts, Associate Professor, King's College London & Adjunct Faculty Sciences Po.

    "Qatar’s foreign policy and diplomatic influence have deservedly received considerable attention in recent years. Galeeva’s work makes an important contribution to this ongoing discussion and deserves serious consideration."

    Mehran Kamrava, Georgetown University Qatar