1st Edition

Qualitative Research Topics in Language Teacher Education

Edited By Gary Barkhuizen Copyright 2019
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Student and novice researchers may have a general idea for a topic they would like to research, but have a difficult time settling on a more specific topic and its associated research questions. Addressing this problem, this book features contributions from over thirty diverse and experienced research supervisors, mentors, and principal investigators in the field of language teacher education. The chapters are autobiographic in nature, with each contributing author reflecting on relevant, current and innovative research topics through the lens of their own professional life and research work. Offering explicit research topics and strategies for each area of expertise, this book will serve as a useful reference for the seasoned qualitative or narrative researcher, and a helpful guide for new researchers and teacher researchers narrowing down their own research topics.

    Qualitative research topics in language teacher education

    Editor: Gary Barkhuizen


    1. Introduction: Qualitative research topics in language teacher education
    2. Gary Barkhuizen

    3. Working with doctoral dissertation writers
    4. Christine Pearson Casanave

    5. Going beyond familiarity and doing the opposite in language teacher education
    6. Tan Bee Tin

    7. Learning to teach languages
    8. Donald Freeman

    9. Researching language ideologies
    10. Carolyn McKinney

    11. Language teachers’ professional learning in China
    12. Wen Qiufang

    13. The impact of language teacher professional development
    14. Simon Borg

    15. Language teacher psychology research
    16. Sarah Mercer

    17. Emotions in language teacher education and practice
    18. Elizabeth R. Miller and Christina Gkonou

    19. Researching emotion in LTE
    20. Matthew T. Prior

    21. Beliefs and emotions in language teaching and learning
    22. Ana Maria F. Barcelos

    23. Language teacher identities in teacher education
    24. Bonny Norton and Peter De Costa

    25. Understanding language teacher identities: Conceptualizations, practices and change
    26. Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty

    27. Researching LTE through a Vygostkian sociocultural theoretical perspective
    28. Paula R. Golombek

    29. Context in sociocultural theory
    30. Anne Feryok

    31. Academic writing: Linking writers, readers and text content
    32. Rosemary Wette

    33. English L2 writing in international higher education
    34. Jim McKinley

    35. Academic writing: The human side
    36. Pat Strauss

    37. Critical questions in English for academic purposes
    38. Gregory Hadley

    39. Race in critical research
    40. Ryuko Kubota

    41. Gender and LTE
    42. Harold Castañeda-Peña

    43. Researching English as an international language
    44. Heath Rose

    45. Multilingualism in (foreign) language teaching and learning
    46. Anne Pitkänen-Huhta

    47. English language teaching in multilingual contexts
    48. Christa van der Walt

    49. Social representations of multilingualism
    50. Alice Chik and Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer

    51. Language teacher education in study abroad contexts
    52. John L. Plews

    53. Study abroad for language teachers
    54. John Macalister

    55. Generating action research topics
    56. Anne Burns

    57. Researching teacher research
    58. Daniel Xerri

    59. Teacher researchers
    60. Kenan Dikilitaş

    61. Exploring issues in language and content instruction
    62. Sandra Zappa-Hollman and Patricia A. Duff

    63. LTE in primary and secondary schools
    64. Takaaki Hiratsuka

    65. Researching task-based teaching and assessment
    66. Martin East

    67. Language teaching approaches
    68. Jessie S. Barrot

    69. Strategy instruction

    Carol Griffiths



    Gary Barkhuizen is professor of applied linguistics at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of language teacher education, teacher and learner identity, study abroad, and narrative inquiry. He is editor of Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research (Routledge, 2017) and co-author of Narrative Inquiry in Language Teaching and Learning Research (Routledge, 2014).

    "Gary Barkhuizen’s new edited collection is thoughtfully curated, illuminating, immensely useful, and welcomingly accessible. I appreciate the context and interest provided by the autobiographical sections, as well as the specificity of the advice and of the topic suggestions. This book fills a very real need, gathers a wealth of expertise in one volume, and from now on will be essential reading for scholars at any stage of their careers."

    Stephanie Vandrick, University of San Francisco, USA.

    "This book offers us a wide range of topics in qualitative research in language teacher education. It is an excellent introduction for graduate students who are planning research projects, language teachers who are reflecting on their teaching and trying to improve it further, and teacher educators who are designing and running teacher education programmes. It could become one of the few books you need to refer to throughout the different stages of your development as a language teaching professional."

    Masaki Oda, Tamagawa University, Japan.

    "This is an excellent resource for graduate students looking for research topics for their theses or dissertations. Written by established L2 scholars from around the world, each chapter provides up to date research topics within applied linguistics and language education that could form the basis for graduate students and novice L2 scholars to carry out productive research studies. I highly recommend this book!"

    Willy A. Renandya, National Institute of Education, Singapore.