1st Edition

Quantum Mechanics for Thinkers

By Gennaro Auletta, Shang-Yung Wang Copyright 2014
    500 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book provides quick access to quantum mechanics without dealing with a true textbook that demands proper specialized studies in physics (and related mathematics) for about a couple of years. It consists of three parts: basic formalism, formal development, and ontological issues. The 70 figures are a crucial instrument for becoming acquainted in a "representative" way with abstract problems, and the 30 in-section boxes assist readers understand for difficult mathematical problems. The book offers a considerable number of clear and analytical treatments of what are considered the most difficult conceptual problems of the theory.

    Introduction. Basic Notions. Classical Mechanics. The Superposition Principle. The Quantum State as a Vector. The Quantization. The Complementarity Principle. Formal Developments. Uncertainty Principle. Quantum Dynamics. Angular Momentum and Spin. Conceptual Problems. The Measurement Problem. Non{Locality and Non{Separability. Quantum Information. Interpretation. Bibliography. Author Index. Subject Index. Solutions to Selected Problems.


    Gennaro Auletta, Shang-Yung Wang