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RIPE Series in Global Political Economy

About the Series

For almost two decades now, the RIPE Series in Global Political Economy published by Routledge has been an essential forum for cutting-edge scholarship in International Political Economy, which we understand to be a broadly defined area of research that may cut across other disciplines. The series brings together new and established scholars working in critical, cultural and constructivist political economy. Books in the RIPE Series typically combine an innovative contribution to theoretical debates with rigorous empirical analysis.

The RIPE Series seeks to cultivate:

  • Field-defining theoretical advances in International Political Economy.
  • Novel treatments of key issue areas, such as global finance, trade, and production, both historical and contemporary.
  • Analyses that explore the political economic dimensions of relatively neglected topics, such as the environment, gender, race, and colonialism from both Western and non-Western perspectives.
  • Accessible work that will inspire advanced undergraduates and graduate students in International Political Economy.

Susanne Soederberg – Queen’s University, Canada

Adrienne Roberts – The University of Manchester, UK

Samuel Knafo – University of Sussex, UK

Naná de Graaff – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Globalization and Governance

Globalization and Governance

1st Edition

Edited By Jeffrey A. Hart, Aseem Prakash
November 02, 2000

Globalization and Governance is a completely up-to-date, impartial survey of a variety of perspectives on what constitutes governance and how globalization may impact governance and the state. Eleven essays and a thorough introduction provide a theoretical framework and a literature overview. ...

Anti-Immigrantism in Western Democracies Statecraft, Desire and the Politics of Exclusion

Anti-Immigrantism in Western Democracies: Statecraft, Desire and the Politics of Exclusion

1st Edition

By Roxanne Doty
May 23, 2003

Anti-Immigrantism in Western Democracies looks at immigration in the US, the UK and France within the context of globalisation and questions our understanding of the 'state'. Doty uses the concept of desire as a way to understand the forces at work in the social, political and economic life, to ...

The Political Economy of a Plural World Critical reflections on Power, Morals and Civilisation

The Political Economy of a Plural World: Critical reflections on Power, Morals and Civilisation

1st Edition

By Robert W. Cox, Michael G. Schechter
November 15, 2002

Building on his seminal contributions to the field, Robert W. Cox engages with the major themes that have characterized his work over the past three decades, and the main topics which affect the globalized world at the start of the twentieth-century. This new volume by one of the world's ...

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