1st Edition

RNA Delivery Function for Anticancer Therapeutics

By Loutfy H. Madkour Copyright 2022
    424 Pages 80 Color & 36 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    424 Pages 80 Color & 36 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book presents an overview of the current status of translating the RNAi cancer therapeutics in the clinic, a brief description of the biological barriers in drug delivery, and the roles of imaging in aspects of administration route, systemic circulation, and cellular barriers for the clinical translation of RNAi cancer therapeutics, and with partial content for discussing the safety concerns. It then focuses on imaging-guided delivery of RNAi therapeutics in preclinical development, including the basic principles of different imaging modalities, and their advantages and limitations for biological imaging. With growing number of RNAi therapeutics entering the clinic, various imaging methods will play an important role in facilitating the translation of RNAi cancer therapeutics from bench to bedside. RNAi technique has become a powerful tool for basic research to selectively knock down gene expression in vitro and in vivo. Our scientific and industrial communities have started to develop RNAi therapeutics as the next class of drugs for treating a variety of genetic disorders, such as cancer and other diseases that are particularly hard to address with current treatment strategies.

    Key Features 

    • Provides insight into the current advances and hurdles of RNAi therapeutics.  
    • Accelerates RNAi, miRNAs, and siRNA drug development for cancer therapy from bench to bedside. 
    • Addresses various modifications and novel delivery strategies for miRNAs, piRNAs and siRNA delivery in anticancer therapeutics.  
    • Explores the need for the interaction of hematologists,cell biologists, immunologists, and material scientists in the development of  novel cancer therapies.
    • Describes the current status of clinical trials related to miRNA and siRNA-based cancer therapy 
    • Presents remaining issues that need to be overcome to establish successful therapies. 

    Chapter 01

    Cancer epigenetic mechanisms-DNA methylomes, histone codes and miRNAs

    Chapter 02

    Circulating miRNAs cancer biomarkers and epigenetic modifications in human cancer

    Chapter 03

    The role of circulating microRNAs in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment targets of cancer and diseases

    Chapter 04

    MicroRNAs potential in human cancer as therapeutic targets and novel biomarkers

    Chapter 05

    Biological function of miRNAs and piRNAs targets in cancer tissues

    Chapter 06

    Delivery strategies for siRNA and modifications process of RNAi therapeutics for cancer treatment

    Chapter 07

    Clinical small interfering siRNA–based conjugate systems for RNAi cancer cells therapy

    Chapter 08

    Potential targeted for siRNA in types of genetic diseases cancer therapeutics

    Chapter 09

    Recent advanced of microRNA molecules delivery as anticancer drugs

    Chapter 10

    DNA damaging cancer therapies and FDA novel drug approvals

    Chapter 11

    Therapeutic potential role of miRNAs in pancreatic and prostate cancer cells

    Chapter 12

    Regulation of microRNAs and their role in regeneration and cancer diseases

    Chapter 13

    Novel classes of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) and cancer biology therapeutic targets

    Chapter 14

    Advances in the inhibition and optimization of checkpoint kinases by small molecules for the treatment of cancer

    Chapter 15

    Recent therapeutic prospects of microRNAs and siRNA delivery systems in cancer treatment nano-biotechnology


    Prof. Loutfy H. Madkour is a professor of physical chemistry and nanoscience at Tanta University (Egypt). He received his BSc, MSc, and PhD in physical chemistry from the Cairo, Minia, and Tanta universities in Egypt, respectively. He has published 200 peer-reviewed original research articles, 20 review articles, and 8 books. He is an editorial board member of several international journals, including International Journal of Industrial Chemistry (IJIC-Springer), International Journal of Ground Sediment & Water, Global Drugs and Therapeutics, Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science, Journal of Targeted Drug Delivery, UPI Journal of Pharmaceutical, Medical and Health Sciences, Global Journal of Nanomedicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Research, Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Research, LOJ Pharmacology & Clinical Research, CPQ Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences & Analytical Research Journal, Japan Journal of Research, Organic & Medicinal Chemistry International Journal, Nanotechnology & Applications, Materials Science Journal, Journal of Chemical Science and Chemical Engineering (Journals of– JCSCE), United Journal of Nanotechnology and Medicine, Clinical Practice (Therapy) journal, Journal of Materials New Horizons, Journal of Radiology and Medical Imaging. MedDocs Publishers, World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences WJPPS and Journal of Material Science and Technology Research – RBM.

    The book highlights the emerging niche occupied by RNA therapeutics in cancertreatment, providing an overview of the state of the art in this scientific
    area. The plethora of information provided, the level of detail, and the excellent graphical presentation make this book a must-have for students and
    scientists working in this area. 
    Marc A Ilies, PhD(Temple University School of Pharmacy)