1st Edition

Race, Culture, and Education The Selected Works of James A. Banks

By James A. Banks Copyright 2006
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    250 Pages
    by Routledge

    Considered the father of multicultural education in the US and known throughout the world as one of the field’s most important founder, theorist and researcher, James A. Banks has  collected here twenty-one of his most important and best works from across the span of his career. Drawing out the major themes that have shaped the field of multicultural education as well as outlining the development of Banks’ own career, these articles, chapters and papers focus on eight key issues:

    • black studies and the teaching of history
    • research and research issues
    • teaching ethnic studies
    • teaching social studies for decision-making and citizen action
    • multiethnic education and school reform
    • multicultural education and knowledge construction
    • the global dimensions of multicultural education
    • democracy, diversity and citizenship education.

    The last part of the book consists of a selected bibliography of all Banks’ publications over his forty-year career, as a source of further reading on each of these pivotal ideas.

    Part 1: Black Studies, the Teaching of History and Research 1. Teaching Black History with a Focus on Decision Making  2. Inquiry: A History Teaching Tool (with Ermon O. Hogan)  3. Varieties of History: Negro, Black, White  4. Remembering Brown: Silence, Loss, Rage, and Hope  5. Black Youth in Predominantly White Suburbs  Part 2: Teaching Ethnic Studies  6. Teaching for Ethnic Literacy: A Comparative Approach  7. Ethnic Studies as a Process of Curriculum Reform  Part 3: Teaching Social Studies for Decision-Making and Citizen Action  8. Decision-Making: The Heart of the Social Studies  9. The Social Studies, Ethnic Diversity, and Social Change  Part 4: Multiethnic Education and School Reform  10. Imperatives in Ethnic Minority Education  11. Pluralism, Ideology, and Curriculum Reform  Part 5: Multicultural Education and Knowledge Construction  12. Multicultural Education: Dimensions and Challenges 13. Approaches to Multicultural Curriculum Reform  14. The Canon Debate, Knowledge Construction, and Multicultural Education  Part 6: The Global Dimensions of Multicultural Education  15. Multiethnic Education Across Cultures: United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, and Great Britain  16. Multicultural Education and Its Critics: Britain and the United States  Part 7: Democracy, Diversity and Citizenship Education  17. Multicultural Citizenship Education  18. Democracy, Diversity, and Social Justice: Educating Citizens in a Global Age




    Banks, James A.

    'Race, Culture, and Education will undoubtedly serve as one of the seminal readings for practitioners, scholars, and researchers whose works are concerned with diversity in education, decision making in the social studies, multicultural education, or global citizenship. This book does an exemplary job of capturing the breadth, depth, complexity, and analytic sophistication of Professor Banks’ work.'- Teachers College Record

    'Banks is more than a founding father; he's a rigorous, pioneering thinker and the pre-eminent black academic of my lifetime ... His definition of social science is the best and most compelling I have ever read.' - Tim Brighouse


    "This collection that Banks has selected to represent his epistemological journey provokes many questions, observations, objections, "ahas," and "oh nos." I urge others to read, reflect, and respond to this rich sampling of Banks's thoughts." --Comparative Education Review, November 2007

    "This collection is essential reading to comprehensively understand the critically important work of James Banks, the internationally recognised premier scholar of multicultural education... This book should definitely be in college libraries as well as professional libraries of multicultural practitioners and scholars" - The Journal of Negro Education