1st Edition

Raising the Stakes From Improvement to Transformation in the Reform of Schools

By Brian J. Caldwell, Jim M. Spinks Copyright 2008
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    Raising the Stakes provides an understanding of the breadth of resources that are needed in order to provide a quality education to all students so that every individual, organisation and institution can become a stakeholder in the enterprise.

    This comprehensive book draws on best practice in several countries to show how resources can be allocated to help achieve high expectations for all schools. The book demonstrates how schools can move from satisfaction with improvement to accepting the challenge to transform, identifying and exploring the need to align four kinds of resources:

    • intellectual capital, that is, the knowledge and skill of talented professionals
    • social capital, being support in the form of cash, expertise and advocacy drawn from a range of individuals, organisations, agencies and institutions in the broader community
    • financial capital, which must be carefully targeted to ensure that these resources are aligned and focused on priorities for learning; and finally
    • spiritual capital, which can be viewed in a religious sense or in terms of the culture and values that bring coherence and unity to these endeavours.

    The authors also outline a Student-Focused Planning Model with particular attention to the deployment of resources to support each student and embracing the notion of personalising learning.

    Practitioners and researchers reading this book will be inspired to work more closely in networking knowledge about how ‘high quality’ and ‘high equity’ can be achieved. Raising the Stakes is essential reading for those with the responsibility of ensuring that resources are acquired and allocated to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.



    Introduction to the Series Professor Alma Harris. Foreword Professor Jan Robertson. Preface Brian J. Caldwell and Jim M. Spinks 1. A New View of Self-Management 2. Core Principles for Next Practice 3. Alignment 4. Intellectual Capital  5. Governance and Social Capital  6. The funding of High Quality and High Equity  7. Next Practice in the Funding of Schools  8. A Student-Focused Planning Model  9. Student-Focused Planning in Action  10. Studies of Success  11. New Challenges for Policy and Practice.  References.  Appendices: 1. Principles of Resource Allocation for Student-Focused Self-Managing Schools  2. Self-Assessment of Knowledge Management  3. Self-Assessment of Governance  4. Self-Assessment of Resource Allocation  5. The Student Resource Package in Victoria


    Brian J. Caldwell, Jim Spinks

    'The most grounded and incisive treatment of the future of schooling you will ever find. Caldwell and Spinks show in clear and compelling terms how to raise the stakes for each and every student by putting the system to work on a new set of solutions. Brilliantly and specifically insightful and action oriented.' - Michael Fullan, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education