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Rape Culture, Religion and the Bible

About the Series

Every day, global news feeds and social media engagements testify to the endemic presence of gendered violence and rape cultures. This has been demonstrated most strikingly by the rapid and global spread of the #MeToo campaign. But less explored has been the significant part that religions play both in confronting and in perpetuating myths and misperceptions that lie at the heart of rape cultures – that is, cultures that conceptualise gendered violence as an ‘inevitable’ or even profitable outcome of normative social gender roles. Religious texts, traditions, receptions, and beliefs can exert powerful influences on people’s understanding of gender relationships, shaping their responses to gendered violence and rape culture within their own socio-cultural contexts. This series delves into some of these complexities.

Focusing particularly (but not exclusively) on the important role of the Bible, a text that more than any other has exerted both tremendous cultural influence and doctrinal authority in Western democracies and beyond, this series fosters research into the phenomenon of rape culture, throughout history but particularly within contemporary societies. It investigates the complex and at times contentious relationships that exist between rape culture and the Bible (both the text itself and its afterlives in, for instance, popular culture), considering the various ways Bible-based religions both participate in and contest rape culture discourses and practices. In the course of this, the multiple social identities that invariably intersect with rape culture, including gender, sexuality, race and class, are explored.

The series is aimed primarily at researchers, postgraduates, church and other representatives of religious institutions, and upper-level undergraduates. It offers a diversity of approaches to the study of religion, the Bible and gender-based violence. Volumes are likely to appeal to a wide variety of audiences and will make a contribution not only to the study of religion and sacred texts but also gender studies and the study of popular culture and the media.

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Rape Culture, Purity Culture, and Coercive Control in Teen Girl Bibles

Rape Culture, Purity Culture, and Coercive Control in Teen Girl Bibles

1st Edition

By Caroline Blyth
February 11, 2021

In this fascinating book, Caroline Blyth takes a close look at Bibles marketed to teen girls and asks how these might perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes that lie at the heart of rape culture. The author considers the devotionals, commentaries, and advice sections placed throughout these Bibles...

The Bible and Sexual Violence Against Men

The Bible and Sexual Violence Against Men

1st Edition

By Chris Greenough
October 23, 2020

At least 1 in 6 men have experienced some form of sexual violence. The Bible and Sexual Violence Against Men argues that the shame and stigma around male sexual abuse are interwoven with contemporary social and cultural concepts of masculinity, and are also found in the ancient world and biblical ...

Resisting Rape Culture The Hebrew Bible and Hong Kong Sex Workers

Resisting Rape Culture: The Hebrew Bible and Hong Kong Sex Workers

1st Edition

By Nancy Nam Hoon Tan
October 15, 2020

Resisting Rape Culture tackles controversial and harrowing rape myths prevalent in rape culture: namely that sex workers do not get raped, and that they are deserving victims of sexual violence. Commonly, sociocultural discourses depict sex workers as morally deficient and promiscuous, having sex ...

Telling Terror in Judges 19 Rape and Reparation for the Levite’s wife

Telling Terror in Judges 19: Rape and Reparation for the Levite’s wife

1st Edition

By Helen Paynter
February 17, 2020

Telling Terror in Judges 19 explores the value of performing a ‘reparative reading’ of the terror-filled story of the Levite’s pilegesh (commonly referred to as the Levite’s concubine) in Judges 19, and how such a reparative reading can be brought to bear upon elements of modern rape culture. ...

Rape Myths, the Bible, and #MeToo

Rape Myths, the Bible, and #MeToo

1st Edition

By Johanna Stiebert
November 04, 2019

Biblical studies is increasingly interdisciplinary and frequently focuses on how the Bible is read, received, and represented in the contemporary world, including in politics, news media, and popular culture. Rape Myths, the Bible and #MeToo illustrates this with particular and critical assessment ...

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