1st Edition

Reading And Writing Skills In Primary Education

By May Young, Marie Thomas, Pamela Munn Copyright 1988

    This book summarizes aspects of reading and writing in primary schools, interest to educationists in the UK. It outlines the general process of reading comprehension into different levels.

    Part 1: Reports and Commissioned Papers 1. Reading and Writing: A (Meta) Cognitive View 2. A Summary of Recent Research on Reading and Writing in Primary Schools in the United Kingdom 3. Reading Development 4. Reading - a Developmental Skill? 5. The Relationship between Decoding Skills, Reading Comprehension and Spelling Skills in the First Three Years of Primary School 6. Differentiated Early Reading Instruction: Experiences with a Flemish Teaching-Learning Package 7. Investigations in Learning to Read and to Write in Class 1 as Foundations of Teaching Methods for Elementary Schooling 8. A Rough Outline of the Situation in Sweden 9. Reports of the Working Groups Part 2: National Reports 10. Finland Reading Comprehension in Primary Education in Finland 11. Sweden Reading Process and Literacy Development 12. Sweden Writing - a Way of Thinking 13. Sweden the Reading Process 14. Sweden the Child's Conception of Reading 15. Switzerland the Three Stages of Learning to Read 16. Yugoslavia Correlation of Reading with various forms of Verbal Behaviour Part 3: Secretariat Memorandum Prepared by the Directorate of Education, Culture and Sport


    May Young (Author) , Marie Thomas (Author) , Pamela Munn (Author)