1st Edition

Readings for Learning to Teach in the Secondary School A Companion to M Level Study

Edited By Susan Capel, Marilyn Leask, Tony Turner Copyright 2010
    392 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    392 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Readings for Learning to Teach in the Secondary School brings together key articles to develop and support student teachers' understanding of the theory, research and evidence base that underpins effective practice.

    Designed for all students engaging with M Level study, each reading is contextualised and includes questions to encourage reflection and help you engage with material critically. Annotated further reading for every section supports your own research and writing.

    Readings are structured to make links with the practical guidance in the accompanying core textbook, Learning to Teach in the Secondary School. Topics covered include:

    • motivation
    • troublesome classroom behaviour
    • ability grouping
    • inclusive education
    • personalised learning
    • testing
    • achievement and underachievement.

    Edited by the team that brings us Learning to Teach in the Secondary School, this Reader is an indispensible 'one-stop' resource that will support all students studying, researching and writing at M level on PGCE courses, as well as those on all other secondary education courses and masters degrees.


    Susan Capel, Marilyn Leask and Tony Turner

    Section 1 Becoming a Teacher

    1 Emotional Preparation for Teaching: a case study about trainee teachers in England

    Denis Hayes

    2 Changing contexts: Teachers professional development and ICT pedagogy

    Matthew Pearson and Steven Naylor

    Section 2 Beginning to Teach

    3 Practice makes perfect? Learning to learn as a teacher

    Hazel Hagger, Katharine Burn, Trevor Mutton and Sue Brindley

    4 Lesson planning and the student teacher: re-thinking the dominant model

    Peter D. John

    Section 3 Classroom Interactions and Managing Pupils

    5 Towards the improvement of learning in secondary school: students’ views, their links to theories of motivation and to issues of under- and over-achievement

    Keith Postlethwaite and Linda Haggarty

    6 Recent Research on Troublesome Classroom Behaviour: A Review

    Robyn Beaman, Kevin Wheldall and Coral Kemp

    7 A positive psychology approach to tackling bullying in secondary schools: A comparative evaluation

    Andrew Richards, Ian Rivers and Jacqui Akhurst

    Section 4 Meeting Individual Differences

    8 The effects of social class and ethnicity on gender differences in GCSE attainment: a secondary analysis of the Youth Cohort Study of England and Wales 1997-2001

    Paul Connolly

    9 Educational psychology and the effectiveness of inclusive education/mainstreaming

    Geoff Lindsay

    10 Setting or mixed ability? Teachers’ views of the organisation of pupils for learning

    Chris M. M. Smith and Margaret J. Sutherland

    11 Moral Education in Practice

    Colin Wringe

    Section 5 Helping Pupils Learn

    12 Personal understanding and target understanding: Mapping influences on the outcomes of learning

    Noel Entwistle and Colin Smith

    13 Personalised Learning: Ambiguities in theory and practice

    R.J. Campbell, W. Robinson, J. Neelands, R. Hewston and L. Mazzoli

    14 Neuroscience and education

    Usha Goswami

    Section 6 Assessment

    15 Testing, Motivation and Learning

    Assessment Reform Group supported by The Nuffield Foundation (based on an extensive review by Wynne Harlen and Ruth Deakin-Crick)

    16 ‘Troublesome boys’ and ‘compliant girls’: gender identity and perceptions of achievement and underachievement

    Susan Jones and Debra Myhill

    17 It’s not which school but which set you’re in that matters: the influence of ability grouping practices on student progress in mathematics

    Dylan Wiliam and Hannah Bartholomew

    Section 7 The School, Curriculum and Society

    18 Rethinking the School Curriculum

    John White

    19 Value-added is of little value

    Stephen Gorard

    Section 8 Your Professional Development

    20 The Role of Teacher Research in Continuing Professional Development

    Margaret Kirkwood and Donald Christie


    Susan Capel is Professor and Head of the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University, UK. Marilyn Leask is Professor of Education at Brunel University, UK. Tony Turner was Senior Lecturer in Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK.

    ‘This timely publication provides a readily accessible source of the most stimulating and relevant published research in the field of education.  Readings include those which directly influence day-to-day practice, consider educational policy, and explore new areas of interest, such as neuroscience.  All teachers, whether on programmes of initial teacher education or simply interested in reflecting on their practice will find this book useful reading.’

    Sheila King, Director of the Secondary PGCE, Institute of Education, University of London, UK


    ‘This collection of readings and guidance is a valuable tool for developing reflective practice in those entering the teaching profession. It provides an excellent introduction to postgraduate study in initial teacher education, engaging readers in core aspects of early professional development through carefully selected and recent thought-provoking articles.’

    Peter Horsfall, Head of Secondary Initial Teacher Education, Liverpool John Moores University, UK