Rearing Animal and Plant Pathogen Vectors  book cover
1st Edition

Rearing Animal and Plant Pathogen Vectors

ISBN 9781466598218
Published April 24, 2014 by CRC Press
346 Pages 204 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book provides an integrated description of methods used to rear vectors of human, higher animal, and plant pathogens in the laboratory. It deals with diverse subject areas, and contains descriptions of standard, as well as highly specialized, methods used by medical, veterinary, entomology, and plant pathology experts. The text brings together the standard breeding and manipulation methods developed in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It describes the cultivating, handling, sterile techniques, and cell culture as well as safety measures to prevent contamination and escape of insects, ticks, nematodes and fungal vectors.

Table of Contents


Laboratory Maintenance of Mosquitoes; Farida Mahmood

Black Fly Rearing and Use in Laboratory Bioassays; Elmer W. Gray and Ray Noblet

Maintenance of Ticks in the Laboratory; Daniel E. Sonenshine

Maintenance of the Triatomine Bugs Rhodnius prolixus and Triatoma dimidiata under Laboratory Conditions; R.V. Durvasula, J. Taneja, K. Cobb and E.M. Dotson

Laboratory Rearing of Bed Bugs; Mark F. Feldlaufer, Harold J. Harlan and Dini M. Miller

Laboratory Maintenance of Phlebotomine Sand Flies; Farida Mahmood and Michelle G. Colacicco-Mayhugh

Establishment and Maintenance of Small Scale Tsetse Colonies; Serap Aksoy

Rearing Aphids to use in Virus-Vectors Studies; Catherine Katsar and Stewart Gray

Leafhopper and Planthopper Rearing; Karl Maramorosch

Maintenance of Piesma quadratum (Fieb.); Gerhard Proeseler

Rearing Thrips Vectors; D.V.R. Reddy, G. Kurub and V. Muniyappa

Whitefl ies as Subjects of Laboratory Research; David N. Byrne

Xiphinema index, Maintenance and Feeding in Monoxenic Cultures; Urs Wyss

Xiphinema index, Rearing in Greenhouse; Ulrike Ipach

Maintenance of Fungal Vectors of Plant Viruses; Chuji Hiruki

Sterile Techniques for Rearing and Cell Culture of Leafhopper Vectors of Plant Pathogens; Jun Mitsuhashi

Psyllid Vectors of Plant Pathogens: Collection, Rearing and Use in Laboratory Research Studies; Barbara Jarausch and Phyllis Weintraub


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