1st Edition

Reclaiming Early Childhood Literacies Narratives of Hope, Power, and Vision

Edited By Richard J. Meyer, Kathryn F. Whitmore Copyright 2017
    310 Pages
    by Routledge

    310 Pages
    by Routledge

    At a time when literacy has become more of a political issue than a research or pedagogical one, this volume refocuses attention on work with young children that places them at the center of their literacy worlds. Drawing on robust and growing knowledge which is often marginalized because of political and legislative forces, it explores young children’s literacies as inclusive, redefined, and broadened—encompassing technologies, the arts, multiple modalities, and teaching and learning for democracy, cultural sustainability and social justice. Highlighted themes include children’s rights to grow through playful engagements with multiple literacies to interrogate their worlds; adults who expand and inspire children’s consciousness and awareness of others and the world around them; the centrality of meaning making in all aspects of language and literacy development; a deep respect for diversities, including languages, cultures, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and more; and an expansive understanding of the nature of texts.


    1. Reclaiming Early Childhood Literacies
    2. Richard J. Meyer and Kathryn F. Whitmore

      Pillar I: LEARNING

      Pillar Introduction: We Use a Lot More "Dots" in Arabic than You Do in English: A Learning Language Story

      Jerome C. Harste and Carolyn L. Burke

    3. Reclaiming or Reframing? Getting the Right Conceptual Metaphor for Thinking About Early Literacy Learning
    4. Brian Cambourne

      Chapter 2 Extension: Moving Toward the Discourse of Meaning-Making

      Brian Cambourne and Richard J. Meyer

    5. What Complex Miscues Tell Us About Kindergarteners’ Making Sense of Print
    6. Alan D. Flurkey and David P. Schultz

      Chapter 3 Extension: Text Matters: Predictable and Decodable Texts

      Prisca Martens

    7. Take That Ronald! Disrupting Gender Role Binaries with Powerful Picturebooks
    8. Kathryn F. Whitmore and Christie Angleton

      Chapter 4 Extension: Innocence, Intersectionality, and Normativity: Choosing Powerful Picturebooks About Gender Diversity

      Scott Ritchie

    9. Toddlers, Touchscreens, and Tablet Technologies: Learning "Concepts Beyond Print"
    10. Karen E. Wohlwend

      Chapter 5 Extension: Digital Observers, Explorers, and Teachers in Preschool

      Kathryn F. Whitmore and Emily L. Zuccaro

      Pillar II: TEACHING

      Pillar Introduction: Noisy ‘E’s’: A Language Story about Teaching

      Jerome C. Harste and Carolyn L. Burke

    11. "Doin’ School in the Orchard": Reclaiming and Nurturing Kids’ Connection to Nature Through Ecological Literacy
    12. M. Ruth Davenport

      Chapter 6 Extension: A Year of Rich Learning for a Young Child

      Christine Sims and Richard J. Meyer

    13. The Search for Joy and the Realities of Wounds in Early Literacy
    14. Krystal Wood-Kofonow and Richard J. Meyer

      Chapter 7 Extension: Amy and George: Wounds and Joy in Literacy Lives

      Renita R. Schmidt and Meg M. Jacobs

    15. Infusing Meaning and Joy back into Books: Reclaiming Literacy in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    16. Holly L. Damico, Jack S. Damico, Ryan L. Nelson, Christine Weill, and Jamie Maxwell

      Chapter 8 Extension: Beginning the Lifelong Journey of Language and Literacy in Very Young Children

      Michael L. Shaw

      Pillar III: CURRICULUM

      Pillar Introduction: Close Reading: A Curriculum Language Story

      Jerome C. Harste and Carolyn L. Burke

    17. Designing Literacy Curriculum: Teaching Literacy as Response to Learning
    18. Kenneth S. Goodman and Yetta M. Goodman

      Chapter 9 Extension: Designing Curriculum in Response to Max’s and Zachary’s Learning

      Alan D. Flurkey and Kathryn F. Whitmore

    19. First Grade Children Discover the Power of Expression by Creating Descriptive Drawings
    20. S. Rebecca Leigh

      Chapter 10 Extension: Art and Writing in Kindergarten Inquiry

      Allen Koshewa

    21. Reclaiming Early Literacies by Learning about Self and Others through Global Literature and Art
    22. Prisca Martens, Ray Martens, Jenna Loomis, Michelle Hassay Doyle, Laura Fuhrman, Christie Furnari, Elizabeth Soper, and Robbie Stout

      Chapter 11 Extension: Creating Global Understandings Through Play

      Kathy G. Short and María V. Acevedo

    23. Two Curricular Worlds: Home and School
    24. Koomi Kim and Richard J. Meyer

      Chapter 12 Extension: Merging Home and School Curriculum with Home-Based Literacy Portfolios

      Jane Baskwill

      Pillar IV: LANGUAGE

      Pillar Introduction: The ABC Snake: A Language Story

      Jerome C. Harste and Carolyn L. Burke

    25. "I got Angry Birds in my Story": Reclaiming Language in an ESL Kindergarten
    26. Tasha Tropp Laman and Lucy Jaimes, with Lisa Jones

      Chapter 13 Extension: Food Truck Literacies in a Bilingual Kindergarten Community

      Caryl G. Crowell

    27. Maybe Henry Did It! Maybe Chester Did It!: Young Children (Re)Authoring Through Postmodern Picturebooks
    28. Lenny Sánchez and Angie Zapata, with Josh Hill

      Chapter 14 Extension: Young Bilingual Children Engaging in Book Discussion

      Jeanne Fain


      Pillar Introduction: Holy Squirrel: A Sociocultural Contexts Language Story

      Jerome C. Harste and Carolyn L. Burke

    29. Rhizomatic Possibilities for Writing Processes: Fluid Structures and Components
    30. Candace R. Kuby

      Chapter 15 Extension: Noah the Nomadic Diplomat and the Making of a School Sack Lunch

      Jennifer Buntjer Merryman and Richard J. Meyer

    31. Writer’s Workshop Within the Context of an Islamic School
    32. Amy Barnhill

      Chapter 16 Extension: Photos as Bridges into Hidden Literacy Lives

      Charlene Klassen Endrizzi

    33. Revaluing Novice Readers: Revaluing Families
    34. Bobbie Kabuto

      Chapter 17 Extension: Photographs that Cracked Open Narrow Kindergarten Writing Practices for Children and their Teacher

      Kathryn F. Whitmore and Carla Wilson

    35. A Cello, A Plane, and a Garden: Reclaiming the Context of Play with Young Children to Promote Literacy
    36. Sarah Vander Zanden, Sohyun Meacham, Jane Frost, and Jennifer Strange

      Chapter 18 Extension: Children Speak for Themselves

      Lorraine Wilson


    37. Second School as a Space for Hope, Power, Vision, and the Literacy Lives of Young Children

    Richard J. Meyer and Kathryn F. Whitmore


    Richard J. Meyer is a Regents’ Professor and Chair of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies at the University of New Mexico, USA.

    Kathryn F. Whitmore holds the Ashland/Nystrand Chair of Early Childhood Research and is Director of the Early Childhood Research Center at the University of Louisville, USA.