1st Edition

Reconstructing Care in Teacher Education after COVID-19 Caring Enough to Change

Edited By Melanie Shoffner, Angela W. Webb Copyright 2022
    284 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    284 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This collection explores the changing meaning and enactments of care in teacher education in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, from preservice teachers and teacher candidates to in-service teachers and education faculty.

    Over fifty international teacher educators explore the complicated concept of care in different content areas, learning contexts, and communities of learners, using different conceptual frameworks and methodological orientations. Throughout, this book situates research and reflection at the nexus of teacher education, care, and COVID-19 in order to reconstruct care in post-pandemic teacher education.

    Timely and incisive, this collection raises important questions and offers relevant examinations to consider how post-pandemic teacher education as a field will move forward in preparing and caring for those who will, in turn, care for their future students. The book is essential reading for teacher educators, scholars, and anyone interested in the notion of care in education.


    Introduction: Care after COVID: Moving Forward as Caring Teacher Educators

    Melanie Shoffner & Angela W. Webb

    PART I. Programmatic Approaches to Care

    1: Care, Accreditation, and COVID: The Intersections of Sacred and Secular in Teacher Education

    Ann D. David & Deepti Kharod 

    2: Redefining Care in Teacher Education: Responding to Teacher Candidate Needs after COVID

    Rebecca Smith, Paul Sutton & Gavin Tierney

    3: On a Journey into the Unknown: Critical Care Pedagogy, COVID, and Teacher Education 

    Camie Wood, Jacob Warren, Holly Sheppard Riesco, Kathryn Hackett-Hill & Christian Z. Goering

    4: New Pathways in Teacher Education: Caring for the Self Post-COVID

    Jennifer Baumgartner & Ingrid Anderson

    5: Enacting Care in Collaboration during COVID as Teacher Educators

    Amanda Winkelsas, Tiffany Karalis Noel, Julie Gorlewski & Elisabeth Etopio

    6: Putting the Mask on First: Resilience and Wellness in Post-COVID Teacher Education

    Jeff Spanke, Devon Lejman & Kathryn Parthun

    PART II. Care in the Content Areas

    7: Seeing Beyond the Plexiglass: Enacting a Vision of Caring During COVID

    Catherine Scott & Melony Allen

    8: Enacting an Ethic of Care as a TESOL Teacher Educator: Pedagogical Practices During and After the Pandemic

    Ekaterina Koubek

    9: Building Caring Communities in Math Methods: COVID and Classrooms in Teacher Education

    Jennifer A. Wolfe

    10: Modeling Care and Compassion for Student Teachers During and After COVID

    MinSoo Kim-Bossard, Louise Ammentorp, Greer Burroughs, Stuart Carroll, Lauren Madden & Tamara Tallman

    PART III. Care and Teacher Educators

    11: Authentic Care and Teacher Educators: A Self-Study of Buddhist Compassion from the Pandemic

    Nozomi Inukai & Melissa Riley Bradford

    12: Lessons Learned: Approaching Care for Preservice and Novice Teachers after COVID-19

    Jennifer Baumgartner & Angela W. Webb

    13: Caring for Preservice Teachers’ Professional and Personal Growth During and After COVID

    Rosalyn Hyde & James de Winter

    PART IV. Care in the Classroom                                                              

    14: Care beyond COVID as a Teacher and Teacher Educator

    Crystal L. Beach

    15: Attending to the Expressed Needs of Preservice and Novice Teachers Post-COVID

    Kara DeCoursey

    16: Creating Care-Full Communities after COVID: Supporting Care as a Strategy for Wellbeing in Teacher Education

    Sharon McDonough & Narelle Lemon

    PART V. (Re)Framing Care

    17: Culturally Responsive Caring for Asian American Preservice Teachers: During and After COVID

    Lin Wu

    18: Developing Critical Caring Pedagogy: Teacher Education in Service of Students in Black Rural Spaces after COVID

    Tonya B. Perry, Martez Files, Samantha Elliott Briggs, Hannah Jurkiewicz, Ashton Ray & Larrell Wilkinson

    19: Harboring Teacher Candidates: Care During COVID

    Elizabeth Laura Yomantas

    20: Navigating New Landscapes after COVID: Cultural Geography as Care for Prospective English Teachers

    Jessica Gallo & Abigail Navarro Muñoz

    21: Learning Communities as Caring Communities during COVID: Caring as Relation that Empowers Teacher Education

    Ceridwen Owen & Anne Elrod Whitney

    22: Promoting a Critical-Structural Approach to Teacher Candidate Care after COVID

    Meghan A. Kessler


    Melanie Shoffner is Professor of English Education in the College of Education at James Madison University, USA

    Angela W. Webb is Associate Professor of Science Education in the College of Education at James Madison University, USA