1st Edition

Redox Regulation of Cell Signaling and Its Clinical Application

Edited By Junji Yodoi Copyright 1999

    Presents recent developments in the rapidly expanding field of redox regulation research. The book examines insights into intracellular communication and new techniques for diagnosing and treating diseases associated with oxidation and reduction. It focuses on important cellular mechanisms, such as redox reactions related to thioredoxin (TRX)/adult T-cell leukemia-derived factor (ADF).

    Thioredoxin/adult t-cell leukaemia-derived factor (ADF) and redox regulation; dysfunction of redox system by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species; redox regulation of glucocorticoid hormone action - cross-talk between endocrine stress response and cellular antioxidant system; oxidative stress by tumor-derived macrophages induces abnormal structure of t-cell receptor complex; structural basis of thioredoxin-mediated redox regulation; regulation of yAP-1 nuclear localization in response to oxidative stress; a novel antioxidant enzyme, thioredoxin peroxidase and mammalian peroxiredoxins; protective action of adult T cell leukaemia derived factor (ADF)/thioredoxin (TRX) against oxidative damage in the kidney of mice treated with a renal carcinogen, ferric nitrilotriacetate - induction and nuclear translocation of ADF/TRX; cellular response to lipid peroxidation products; primary involvement of oxidative damage and redox imbalance in Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases; roles of Syk protein tyrosine kinase in stress-induced signalling in B cells; redox regulation of the DNA binding activity in transcription factor PEBP2 - the roles of two conserved cysteine residues; reactive oxygen enhanced EGF receptor phosphorylation; redox-oriented chemical events in signal transduction in cells; mammalian peroxiredoxin MSP23 as an oxidative stress-inducible protein; implication of oxidative stress induced in long term uremic complication; thioredoxin - a regulatory protein with potential application in medicine and technology; the elevated serum level of thioredoxin in patients with chronic and/or malignant liver diseases; AP-1 transcriptional activity is regulated by a direct association between thioredoxin and Ref-1; oxygen radicals, redox regulation of the NF-kB signalling and disease control by antioxidants; redox regulation of protein function by thioredoxin and glutaredoxin systems; therapeutic potential of alpha-lipoic acid - molecular aspects.


    Junji Yodoi

    ". . .the book is an up to date resource on recent developments in the rapidly expanding field of redox regulations research."
    ---The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
    "This book is an authoritative and critical survey of the role of oxidants and redox mechanisms in pathophysiological situations with an oxidative stress component. The resource presents the most recent developments. . .embracing new insights into intracellular communication and new techniques for diagnosing and treating diseases association with oxidation and reduction. It also aims to clarify causes and consequences of oxidative stress and offers promising methods of its control. "
    ---Clinical Laboratory International