1st Edition

Reexamining Racism, Sexism, and Identity Taxation in the Academy

Edited By Tiffany D. Joseph, Laura E. Hirshfield Copyright 2024

    This book explores the diversity-related labour that marginalized faculty, students, and staff are expected to perform because of their social identities – i.e., “identity taxation” in US higher education institutions. It compiles new research on cultural and identity taxation to highlight how systemic racism and patriarchy perpetuate identity taxation in 21st century US academe.
    Amado Padilla coined the term “cultural taxation” nearly 30 years ago to outline the expectations that faculty of colour address diversity affairs on their campuses.  In this insightful volume, Laura Hirshfield and Tiffany Joseph expand the concept, adopting the term “identity taxation” to accentuate the labour members of marginalized groups participate in due to their intersectional identities. Beyond bringing these terms into conversation with others highlighting marginalized academics’ experience, this volume empirically explores how identity taxation affects students and staff, not just the faculty who were the focus of previous scholarship. It provides insight into the consequences of taxation at a moment when change and dismantling structural racism is most needed in universities and society.
    Reexamining Racism, Sexism, and Identity Taxation in the Academy will be a key resource for academics, researchers, and advanced students of race and ethnic studies, education, research methods, sociology, and cultural studies.This book was originally published as a special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies.

    Introduction: Reexamining Racism, Sexism, and Identity Taxation in the Academy
    Tiffany D. Joseph and Laura E. Hirshfield

    1. Cultural Taxation or "Tax Credit"? Understanding the Nuances of Ethnoracially Minoritized Student Labour in Higher Education
    Oswaldo Rosales, Emily P. Schell, Clarissa Gutierrez, and Amado Padilla

    2. Institutional Penalty: Mentoring, Service, Perceived Discrimination, and Its Impacts on the Health and Academic Careers of Latino Faculty
    Ruth Enid Zambrana, Diana Carvajal, and Jalah Townsend

    3. Black Women in White Academe: A Qualitative Analysis of Heightened Inclusion Tax
    Tsedale M. Melaku and Angie Beeman

    4. How Women of Colour Engineering Faculty Respond to Wage Disparities
    Ebony O. McGee, Devin T. White, Joyce B. Main, Monica F. Cox, and Lynette Parker

    5. "Diversity is a Corporate Plan": Racialized Equity Labour among University Employees
    Laura T. Hamilton, Kelly Nielsen, and Veronica Lerma

    6. On Marginality, Socialization, and Lessons Learned for the Future of Faculty Diversity
    Caroline S. Turner


    Tiffany D. Joseph is Associate Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Northeastern University, USA. Her research examines race and migration, immigration and health policy, and marginalized faculty’s experiences in academia. She is the author of Race on the Move: Brazilian Migrants and the Global Reconstruction of Race.

    Laura E. Hirshfield is the Dr. Georges Bordage Medical Education Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor of Medical Education & Sociology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, USA. Her research investigates the impact of identity (especially gender, race, and gender identity) on the ways that individuals navigate academic and medical contexts.