1st Edition

Reflections on Valuing Wellbeing in Higher Education Reforming our Acts of Self-care

Edited By Narelle Lemon Copyright 2023
    ISBN 9781032081496
    204 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    Published August 29, 2022 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781032081526
    204 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    Published August 29, 2022 by Routledge

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    204 Pages 28 B/W Illustrations
    Published August 29, 2022 by Routledge

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    This book focuses on the lived experiences of higher education professionals working in the face of stress, pressure and the threat of burnout and how acts of self-care and wellbeing can support, develop and maintain a sense of self.

    In considering the place of self-care in higher education, we are challenged with the tension that exists when it comes to the valuing of self-care and our individual and collective wellbeing. In Reflections on Valuing Wellbeing in Higher Education, authors present and explore the ways in which they manage and reframe their wellbeing and self-care, through mindfulness, compassion, connection to breath, ref lection, demonstrating individual and collective embodiment and resistance to neoliberalism and environmental destruction. Covering various contexts of higher education, such as learning and teaching, research, leadership and engagement, this book offers practical strategies grounded in literature and evidence-based research.

    The self in self-care is relational. It is not just about self. We need others for inspiration, motivation and, indeed, the act. This book will be of great interest to professionals and researchers specifically interested in studies in higher education, wellbeing and/or identity as well as those navigating a career in higher education.

    1. Reforming our acts of self-care in higher education: Developing a sense of self individually and collectively

    Narelle Lemon

    Section 1: Being present and non-judgmentally aware of self-care

    2. Yoga and the Contemplative Path: Placing Meaning at the Centre of Self-Care and Wellbeing in University Life

    Ajit Pyati

    3. Finding the Spaces In Between

    Marni J. Binder

    4. Wellbeing through self-reflexivity: Understanding our underlying motivations, gratitude, strength identification and support.

    Anuja Cabraal

    5. Self-care and environmentalism: Finding a socially-just balance as an early career social work researcher

    Michelle Newcomb

    6. Tales from the soft play fifth shift: mother, teacher, mentor, academic and student

    Aimee Quickfall

    7. A community of practice-educators as self-care: a sustainable strategy for both academic and practitioners alike

    Mim Fox

    Section 2: Awareness in caring for self and others

    8. A systems pathway to self-care in academia: Me, We, and Us as avenues to integrated long-term self-care

    Rebecca J. Jarden and Aaron Jarden

    9. Cultivating whole-heartedness in the academy during a time of COVID: Insights from/within an inter-collegial friendship

    Monica Green and Sherie McClam

    10. Peer reviewing journal articles: A duoethnographic exploration of emotion in the digitalised space

    Kay Hammond and Narelle Lemon

    11. Finding an audience who care: Examining research crowdfunding through a lens of self-care

    Jonathan O'Donnell

    12. "Ding!" Co-creating wellbeing in a Friday online research writing group

    Kay Hammond, Julie Trafford, Amira Hassouna, Ljiljana Jowett, Amanda Lees, Patricia Lucas, Nicola Power and Caroline Stretton


    Narelle Lemon is an interdisciplinary researcher in the fi elds of education, positive psychology and arts, holding the positions of associate professor in education and associate dean (education) for the School of Social Sciences, Media, Film and Education at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

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