1st Edition

Reflex Control of the Circulation

By Irving H. Zucker, Joseph P. Gilmore Copyright 1991
    1073 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Reflex Control of the Circulation presents an interdisciplinary discussion of concepts in the reflex control of circulation. This volume describes aspects of autonomic receptor physiology, central pathways of reflex control, the electrophysiology of cardiovascular afferents, the interaction between reflexes, the autonomic control of regional blood flows, the autonomic control of fluid and electrolyte balance, and neurohumoral control of the circulation through normal and pathological states (e.g., hypertension, congestive heart failure). In addition, the regulation of regional blood flow during exercise and developmental aspects of reflex control are examined. Any researcher interested in the autonomic system and its role in circulation will find this book fascinating reading.

    Anatomy and Function of the Intrathoracic Neurons Regulating the Mammalian Heart. Autonomic Regulation of Myocardial Contractility. Autonomic Nervous System Control of Heart Rate and Atrioventricular Nodal Conduction. Baroreceptors: Morphology and Mechanics of Receptor Zones and Discharge Properties of Baroafferents. Arterial Baroreceptors: Excitation and Modulation. Resetting of the Arterial Baroreflex: Peripheral and Central Mechanisms. Baroreceptor Reflex Components and Their Alterations in Hypertension. Neuropeptides: Evidence for Central Pathways and Role in Cardiovascular Regulation. Hormonal Control of Cardiovascular Reflexes. Atrial Receptors. Atrial Receptors-Reflex Effects in Quadrupeds. Cardiac Reflexes and Control of Renal Function in Primates. Reflexes From Ventricular Receptors With Vagal Afferents Cardiac Preload Control: An Important Function of Cardiac Chemical Receptors. The Role of Renal Afferent Nerves in Circulatory Control. The Role of the Renal Nerves in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension. Neural Control of Renal Function. The Reflex Effects of Hepatic and Mesenteric Afferents on the Circulation. Reflex Effects From Abdominal Visceral Afferents. Afferent Innervation of Lungs, Airways, and Pulmonary Artery. Integrative Cardiovascular Control By Pulmonary Inflation Reflexes. Neural Control of the Intestinal Circulation and Its Interaction With Autoregulation. Neurohumoral Control of the Pulmonary Circulation. Neural Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow. Reflex Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow. Arterial Baroreflex and Cardiopulmonary Mechanoreflex Function During Exercise. Control of Regional Circulations During Exercise. Beta Adrenergic Receptor Regulation in Cardiac Disease. Baro and Cardiac Reflex Abnormalities in Chronic Heart Failure. Regulation of Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Humans: New Concepts Regarding Autonomic Adjustments to Exercise and Neurohumoral Excitation in Heart Failure. The Neurological Basis for Cardiac Pain. Clinical and Experimental Evaluation of Sympatho-Vagal Interaction: Power Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate and Arterial Pressure Variabilities. Developmental Aspects of Reflex Control of the Circulation.


    Zucker\, Irving H.; Gilmore\, Joseph P.