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Policy Expo books are an exciting new series of publications from the Regional Studies Association. The books in this series are commissioned to address topical policy questions of contemporary importance to all communities engaged in regional and urban studies issues. The term "Expo" is taken to mean "a comprehensive description and meaning of an idea or theory". The publication style is to use clear and coherent narrative addressing evidence for different policy and theoretical positions. Each topic is broad in scope, achieving global reach and relevance wherever possible. There is a consistent focus on the impact of policy research both in terms its reach to policy, academic and practitioner communities and also in its significance, to show how evidence can inform policy change within regional and urban studies.

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The Belt and Road Initiative as Epochal Regionalisation

The Belt and Road Initiative as Epochal Regionalisation

1st Edition


By Xiangming Chen, Julie Tian Miao, Xue Li
April 08, 2021

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), launched by China in 2013, carries and projects powerful regional dimensions and transformations, with short- and long-term global, national and local consequences. The BRI’s regional significance lies in its designation and creation of several cross-border ...

Every Place Matters Towards Effective Place-Based Policy

Every Place Matters: Towards Effective Place-Based Policy

1st Edition

By Andrew Beer, Fiona McKenzie, Jiří Blažek, Markku Sotarauta, Sarah Ayres
December 09, 2020

Across the globe policy makers implement, and academics teach and undertake research upon, place-based policy. But what is place-based policy, what does it aspire to achieve, what are the benefits of place-based approaches relative to other forms of policy, and what are the key determinants of ...

Revitalising Lagging Regions Smart Specialisation and Industry 4.0

Revitalising Lagging Regions: Smart Specialisation and Industry 4.0

1st Edition

Edited By Mariachiara Barzotto, Carlo Corradini, Felicia M. Fai, Sandrine Labory, Philip R. Tomlinson
December 16, 2019

This Expo book brings together leading academic and policymaker experts to reflect on the significant challenges faced by lagging regions in participating in the European Union’s Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) programme. In doing so, the book offers a set of new ...

Towards Cohesion Policy 4.0 Structural Transformation and Inclusive Growth

Towards Cohesion Policy 4.0: Structural Transformation and Inclusive Growth

1st Edition

By John Bachtler, Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Peter Wostner, Piotr Zuber
November 12, 2019

In the context of the debate on the future of Europe, this book makes the case for a new approach to structural transformation, growth and cohesion in the EU. It explores both the opportunities and challenges from globalisation and technological change, the widening differences in productivity ...

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