1st Edition

Reinventing Paulo Freire A Pedagogy of Love

By Antonia Darder Copyright 2017
    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    One of the most influential critical educators of the twentieth century, Paulo Freire challenged those educational inequalities and conditions of injustice faced by oppressed populations. In this new edition of Reinventing Paulo Freire, Antonia Darder re-examines his legacy through reflections on Freirean pedagogy and the narratives of teachers who reinvent his work. The fully revised first part provides important historical, political, and economic connections between major societal concerns and educational questions raised by Freire and their link to the contemporary moment, including questions tied to neoliberalism, coloniality, and educational inequalities. At the heart of the book is a critical understanding of how Freire’s pedagogy of love can inform, in theory and practice, a humanizing approach to teaching and learning.

    Powerful teacher narratives offer examples of a living praxis, committed to democratic classroom life and the emancipation of subaltern communities. The narratives clearly illustrate how Freire’s ideas can be put concretely into practice in schools and communities. These reflections on Freirean praxis are sure to spark conversation and inspiration in teacher education courses. Through a close theoretical engagement of Freire’s ideas and key insights garnered from lived experiences, the book speaks to the ways Freire can still inspire contemporary educators to adopt the spirit of liberatory pedagogy, By so doing, Reinventing Paulo Freire is certain to advance his theories in new ways, both to those familiar with his work and to those studying Freire for the first time.



    Foreword: Paulo Freire and the Courage to Be Political (By Henry Giroux)

    Introduction: Education in the Age of Neoliberalism and Exclusion

    Chapter 1: The Passion of Paulo Freire: Reflections and Remembrances

    Chapter 2: Restoring Our Humanity: The Dialectics of Revolutionary Praxis

    Chapter 3: Teaching as an Act of Love: Freire in the Classroom

    Chapter 4: Living the Praxis: Teachers Reinvent Freire

    Afterword Making History: Education for the Future (By Paulo Freire)




    Antonia Darder holds the Leavey Endowed Chair of Ethics and Moral Leadership at Loyola Marymount University and is Distinguished Visiting Faculty at the University of Johannesburg.

        "In this second edition of her popular book, Antonia Darder demonstrates why we need Paulo Freire’s ideas and vision more than ever. A call to resist both neoliberal attacks on public education and the increasing inequality in our nation and world, Reinventing Paulo Freire will inspire readers with the stories of teachers, teacher educators, and community activists that are sure to reignite hope for the essential role of public education in democratic societies."

        • Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita, Language, Literature, and Culture, College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


        "Anyone concerned about how the increasing disintegration of our present era is affecting our youth, and the outcropping of resistance to the state, would do well to listen to the cluster of voices Antonia Darder has brought together in Reinventing Paulo Freire. Darder makes the challenge ahead palpable to educators and credible to non-educators. This is a major accomplishment."

        • Peter McLaren, Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, Co-Director and International Ambassador of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, College of Educational Studies, Chapman University and author of Pedagogy of Insurrection.

        "Remaining true to the passion that has come to characterise the writings of Antonia Darder, in this lovingly crafted project, she channels the spirit and letter of Paulo Freire’s courageous and urgent call for transformative intellectuals to invest and advance the project of a deliberative, substantive, and informed democracy - a moral and ethical educational mandate that pivots on a critical consciousness Drawing on Freirian philosophy and pedagogical enactments, in this essential reference source, Darder de-neutralises and de-hegominises texts, subtexts, pretexts and contexts through re-invention, re-examination and a revised praxis of the Word and the World."

        • Juliet Perumal, Vice Dean: Research & Internationsalisation, University of Johannesburg


        "This is a courageous, important book, written by an educationist whose commitment to social justice is never in doubt. Antonia Darder offers a thoughtful reading of Freire’s work, demonstrating the ongoing relevance of Freirean ideas in the contemporary world. This is a book that is both passionate and powerful, both personal and political. It will appeal to all who seek to enact pedagogies of love and hope in troubled times."

        • Peter Roberts, Professor of Education, University of Canterbury, New Zealand