1st Edition

Religion in Education Innovation in International Research

Edited By Joyce Miller, Kevin O'Grady, Ursula McKenna Copyright 2013

    This volume explores numerous themes (including the influence of ethnography on religious education research and pedagogy, the interpretive approach to religious education, the relationship between research and classroom practice in religious education), providing a critique of contemporary religious education and exploring the implications of this critique for initial and continuing teacher education. 

    1. Robert Jackson and Warwick Research: an Introduction Kevin O’Grady, Ursula McKenna and Joyce Miller  Part 1: Ethnography, Religion and Education  2. Ethnography, Religious Education and The Fifth Cup  Eleanor Nesbitt  3. Muslim Education and the Hifz Process: Some Images and Issues Bill Gent  4. State-funded Muslim Schools: Stakeholders and Legitimacy in the UK Context Damian Breen  5. Diversity and Citizenship – In a Context of Islamophobia Sissel Ostberg 6. “Very Sad, But It Works”: One Pupil’s Assessment Career in Religious Education  Part 2: Student Perspectives 6. Religious Education Influencing Students’ Attitudes: A Threat to Freedom? Olga Schihalejev  7. The Language of Inter Faith Encounter among Inner City Primary School Children Julia Ipgrave  8. "Very Sad, But it Works": One Pupil’s Assessment Career in Religious Education Nigel Fancourt  Part 3: RE and Pedagogy  9. Religious Extremism, Religious Education and the Interpretive Approach Joyce Miller  10. Action Research and the Interpretive Approach to Religious Education Kevin O’Grady  11. The Interpretive Approach and Bridging the ‘Theory-Practice Gap’: Action Research with Student Teachers of Religious Education in England Judith Everington 12. "Can You Be a Muslim and Not Believe in God?" How Fluid or Solid Are Religions? Introducing Viscosity to the Interpretive Approach Lars Laird Iversen  Part 4: Theoretical Perspectives  13. Comparative Studies in RE: The Issue of Methodology Oddrun M. H. Bråten  14. Reflections on the Future of Religion in Education  Joyce Miller, Kevin O’Grady and Ursula McKenna


    Joyce Miller is an Associate Fellow at the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit at the University of Warwick.

    Ursula McKenna is a part-time Research Fellow in Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit based in the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick, England.

    Kevin O’Grady is Faculty Leader for Religious Education, Personal, Health and Social Education, Citizenship and Careers at Aston Academy and Associate Fellow in the Warwick Religious and Education Research Unit.

    'This book is relevant for the European reader who is concerned about RE. However, anyone can take away some lessons related to how teachers should deal with religion when it comes up either through the curriculum or because of world events.' - Thomas Lamborn, Journal of Education and Christian Belief


    "This is one of the most ambitious books on religious education that I have read in some time. Its importance lies in the challenging question that it raises. Patricia Hannam identifies … shortcomings of current approaches to RE in England by focusing on its history as exemplified through the work of three key scholars. Her intention in doing this is to then provide a new, normative answer to the question ‘what should religious education seek to achieve in the public sphere?’ In her words, this book is intended as ‘an interruption in current thinking about the relationship between religion and education’ … … In an age when content is king, she is absolutely right to be asking penetrating questions about the relationship between the child and that content."-  Professor Trevor Cooling, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK