1st Edition

Research In Physical Educ.& Sp

Edited By Andrew Sparkes Copyright 1992

    The text aims to provide an in-depth exploration of a range of traditions that are beginning to reshape the nature of research in physical education and the sports sciences. The chapters are all original contributions by leading scholars that bring together new data from a variety of research approaches. Each offers its own specific challenge to the orthodoxy that has dominated the field. A range of traditions are considered by the contributors who provide specific examples from their own work that include phenomenology, ethnography, life histories, discourse analysis, feminist research, curriculum history and action research. These cases are highlight for the reader the basic assumption of each approach, the significance of the understanding they develop, and their potential for the future development of research in physical education and sport. The forms of analysis provided should be of interest to a wider audience, such as students of education and the social sciences. It is aimed at physical education researchers, BEd, MEd, BSc, MSc courses on physical education and sport and teachers of sports science.

    Introduction, Andrew C. Sparkes; Chapter 1 The Paradigms Debate, Andrew C. Sparkes; Chapter 2 Studying the Lifeworld of Physical Education, Stephen J. Smith; Chapter 3 Describing the Experience of Lesbian Physical Educators, Sherry E. Woods; Chapter 4 Life Histories and Physical Education Teachers, Andrew C. Sparkes, Thomas J. Templin; Chapter 5 Learning the Language, Gill Clarke; Chapter 6 Feminist Research and Physical Education, Sheila Scraton, Anne Flintoff; Chapter 7 Action Research as Epistemology and Practice, Richard Tinning; Chapter 8 Curriculum History in Physical Education, David Kirk; Chapter 9 A Short Paper About People, Power and Educational Reform. Authority and Representation in Ethnographic Research Subjectivity, Ideology and Educational Reform, John Evans; Chapter 10 Telling Stories from the Field? A Discussion of an Ethnographic Approach to Researching the Teaching of Physical Education, Keith Lyons; Chapter 11 Writing and the Textual Construction of Realities, Andrew C. Sparkes;


    Andrew C. Sparkes