1st Edition

Research and Global Perspectives in Learning Disabilities Essays in Honor of William M. Cruikshank

Edited By Daniel P. Hallahan, Barbara K. Keogh Copyright 2001
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume honors the founder of the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD), William M. Cruickshank, and his many accomplishments. His influence on special education in general, and learning disabilities in specific, is evident throughout the world. Consistent with his international activities, the contributors to this book represent nine different countries. The chapters reflect a range of perspectives on "the state of the art" in learning disabilities, documenting both commonalities and differences across countries. Taken together, the chapters provide a comprehensive and informative picture of learning disabilities.

    Contents: B.K. Koegh, D.P. Hallahan, Introduction. D. Johnson, B.K. Keogh, The Lives and Careers of Bill and Dorothy Cruickshank. M.Y. Kibby, G.W. Hynd, Neurological Basis of Learning Disabilities. R. Kotkin, S. Forness, K.A. Kavale, Comorbid ADHD and Learning Disabilities: Diagnosis, Special Education, and Intervention. D. Sridhar, S. Vaughn, Social Functioning of Students with Learning Disabilities. L.S. Fuchs, D. Fuchs, Using Assessment to Account for and Promote Strong Outcomes for Students With Learning Disabilities. L. Meltzer, M. Montague, Strategic Learning in Students With Learning Disabilities: What Have We Learned? M.P. Weiss, J.W. Lloyd, Structure and Effective Teaching. J.B. Crockett, J.M. Kauffman, The Concept of the Least Restrictive Environment and Learning Disabilities: Least Restrictive of What? P.J. Gerber, Learning Disabilities: A Lifespan Approach. J. Elkins, Learning Disabilities in Australia. B.Y.L. Wong, N. Hutchinson, Learning Disabilities in Canada. G. Opp, Learning Disabilities in Germany. K. Wedell, British Orientations to Specific Learning Difficulties. M. Tsuge, Learning Disabilities in Japan. L.M. Stevens, W. van Werkhoven, Learning Disabilities in The Netherlands. I. Lundberg, T. Hoien, Reading Disabilities in Scandinavia. L. Bravo-Valdivieso, N.M. Muller, Learning Disabilities Studies in South America. S. Vogel, S. Reder, A Comparative Study of Self-Reported Learning Disabilities: Findings From the International Adult Literacy Survey.


    Daniel P. Hallahan, Barbara K. Keogh

    "Without a doubt this is one of the most crucial compilations of thoughts from the best minds in the field of learning disabilities (LD) ever brought together in a single volume....An excellent book. A must read for academic faculty and graduate students in LD."

    "The chapters illuminate a broad range of perspectives on the state of the art in learning disabilities in the United States and in eight different countries and regions....This book is a well-organized, well-written, and useful volume for scholars of learning disabilities. It provides a broad scope on the state of the art in learning disabilities in the United States and internationally."
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