1st Edition

Research into Secondary School Curricula

Edited By P. Heywood, K. Wain, J. Calleja Copyright 1994

    This book identifies neglected areas of research and indicates how research results can be integrated in secondary school curricula. It compares research findings and encourages cooperation in a field of particular interest.

    Part I: Report and Commissioned Papers 1. Research into Secondary School Curricula 2. Secondary School Curricula and Educational Research in France 3. Curriculum Changes in Secondary Education in Hungary 4. Research and the Secondary School Curriculum 5. Secondary Education and Research in Malta - an overview 6. The Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe 7. Will the Twain Meet? the Relationship between the World of Work and the World of Schools 8. Reports of the Working Groups Part II: Country Reports 9. Curriculum Reform in Central and Eastern Europe 10. Report on the State of the Art of an Ongoing Research Project into Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Secondary Schools in Austria 11. Educational Research in Cyprus and Reforms in Secondary School Curriculum 12. Secondary School Curriculum in the Framework of the Current Educational Reform in Czechoslovakia 13. Research into Secondary School Curricula in Finland 14. Research into Secondary School Curricula in Ireland 15. Main Principles of Secondary Education Reform in Luxembourg 16. Research into Secondary School Curricula in the Slovak Republic 17. New Aims and Goals of the Slovenian Primary and Lower Secondary Schools


    Paul Heywood (Edited by) , Kenneth Wain (Edited by) , James Calleja (Edited by)