1st Edition

Researching Multilingualism Critical and ethnographic perspectives

Edited By Marilyn Martin-Jones, Deirdre Martin Copyright 2017
    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    Researching Multilingualism expertly engages with a new sociolinguistics of multilingualism, taking account of this new communicative order and the particular cultural and social conditions of our times. Seventeen chapters are divided into four sections covering: researching discourses, policies and practices; contemporary mobilities; Researching multilingual communication on-line; Multilingualism in research practice. This state-of-the-art overview of research methodologies in multilingual settings will be of interest for all students and researchers working in the area of multilingualism within Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Education and Communication Studies.

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    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Marilyn Martin-Jones and Deirdre Martin

    Researching trajectories, multilingual repertoires and identities

    Chapter 2: Narrative analysis in migrant and transnational contexts

    Mike Baynham and Anna De Fina

    Chapter 3: Biographical approaches to research in multilingual settings: Exploring linguistic repertoires.

    Brigitta Busch

    Chapter 4: The risks and gains of a single case study

    Kamran Khan

    Chapter 5: Researching student mobility in multilingual Switzerland: Reflections on multi-sited ethnography

    Martina Zimmermann

    Researching discourses, policies and practices on different scales

    Chapter 6: Nexus analysis as scalar ethnography for educational linguistics

    Francis Hult

    Chapter 7: Critical ethnography of language policy: A semi-confessional tale

    David Cassels Johnson

    Chapter 8: Investigating visual practices in educational settings: schoolscapes, language

    ideologies and organizational cultures

    Petteri Laihonen and Tamás Péter Szabó


    Researching multilingual communication and multisemioticity online

    Chapter 9: Methodologies for researching multilingual online texts and practices

    David Barton and Carmen Lee

    Chapter 10: Investigating multilingualism and multi-semioticity as communicative resources in social media

    Sirpa Leppänen & Samu Kytölä

    Chapter 11: Virtual ethnographic approaches to researching multilingualism online.

    Helen Kelly-Holmes and Aoife Lenihan

    Multilingualism in research practice: voices, identities and researcher reflexivity

    Chapter 12: Reflexive ethnographic research practice in multilingual contexts

    Marilyn Martin-Jones, Jane Andrews and Deirdre Martin

    Chapter 13: Reflexivity in team ethnography: Using researcher vignettes

    Angela Creese, Jaspreet Kaur Takhi and Adrian Blackledge

    Chapter 14: Researching children's literacy practices and identities in faith settings: multimodal text-making and talk about text as resources for knowledge-building

    Vally Lytra, Eve Gregory and Arani Ilankuberan

    Chapter 15: Multilingual dynamics in the research process: transcribing and interpreting interactional data

    Sabina Vakser

    Ethnographic monitoring and critical collaborative analysis for social change

    Chapter 16: Countering unequal multilingualism through ethnographic monitoring

    Haley De Korne and Nancy H. Hornberger

    Chapter 17: Ethnographic monitoring and the study of complexity

    Jef Van der Aa & Jan Blommaert


    Martin-Jones, Marilyn; Martin, Deirdre

    "For researchers and graduate students interested in pursuing studies related to multilingualism, this is a highly informative work that provides theoretical and methodological forays into many aspects of critical and ethnographic sociolinguistic research. It indeed takes up Blommaert’s call (2010) for innovative conceptual and methodological approaches that can capture the highly complex, mobile and technologised communications in the 21st century."

    - Ruth Harnam, The University of Georgia, John Benjamins Publishing Company