1st Edition

Researching Your Own Practice The Discipline of Noticing

By John Mason Copyright 2002
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    288 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Central to caring professions such as teaching is the need to notice and be sensitive to the experiences of pupils and teachers. Starting from this position, Researching Your Own Practice demonstrates that in order to develop your professional practice you must first develop your own sensitivities and awareness. One must be attuned to fresh possibilities when they are needed and be alert to such a need through awareness of what is happening at any given time.
    By giving a full explanation of this theory and a guide to its implementation, this book provides a practical approach to becoming more methodical and systematic in professional development. It also gives the reader a basis for turning professional development into practitioner research, as well as giving advice on how noticing can be used to improve any research, or be used as a research paradigm in its own right.
    The discipline of noticing is a groundbreaking approach to professional development and research, based upon noticing a possibility for the future, noticing a possibility in the present moment and reflecting back on what has been noticed before in order to prepare for the future. John Mason, one of the discipline's most authoritative exponents, provides us here with a clear, persuasive and practical guide to its understanding and implementation.

    Preface I Enquiry 1. Forces for Development II Noticing 2. Forms of Noticing 3. Impartiality 4. Being Methodical III The Discipline of Noticing 5. Disciplined Noticing 6. Validity IV Using Aspects of the Discipline of Noticing 7. Probing Accounts 8. Responding Professionally to Disturbance 9. Using Noticing for Leading Professional Development V From Enquiry to Research 10. What Is Research? 11. Noticing In Research 12. Noticing As Research 13. Researching from the Inside VI Problems 14. Problematic Aspects of Practitioner Research 15. Problematic Aspects of Qualitative Research 16. Problematic Aspects of Noticing


    Mason, John

    'The book is well worth reading. I jumped at the chance to review it, because ... anything by John Mason is worth digging into ... Mason has a way of getting under my skin, of provoking me to think about issues I might otherwise let slide by.' - Alan Schoenfeld

    'A welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on educational research. The evocative imagery and dual emphases on theory and practice should appeal to many of those researching their own practice or those of others.' - British Educational Research Journal