1st Edition

Resources for Early Childhood A Handbook

    Published under the auspices of the New York Public Library, this expanded, reorganized and updated edition of Resources for Early Childhood: An Annotated Guide for Educators, Librarians, Health Care Professionals, and Parents (1985), includes new essays by the most important theorists in the early childhood field today. Influential classic works as well as recent works are listed and annotated in the new bibliographies. Essayists include Marian Wright Edelman on the hardships of America's young families; Bettye Caldwell on Educare; Lewis Lipsitt on assessment of deficits in children; Louise Bates Ames on developmental readiness for schooling; Nicholas Anastasiow on oral language development; Urie Bronfenbrenner on changes in family life and child care; Irving Lazar on education policy; Bob McGrath on recorded children's music; Michael Lewis on emotional development in preschool children; Michael Meyerhoff on toy selection; David Elkind on young children in the post-modern world; Mary Dean Dumais on the kindergarten curriculum; Vincent Fontana on child abuse; Dorothy Singer on television and children's overall development; Lendon Smith on nutrition, health, AIDS and the environment; Edward Zigler on family support programs; Stella Chess on temperament; Bernard Spodek on choosing appropriate early childhood programs; David Weikart on the importance of early childhood education. A subject index is included.

    Preface Introduction to an Early Childhood Center Chapter 1Growth and Development: Health and Nutritional Issues Chapter Social and Emotional Development Chapter 3 Family Issues Chapter 4 Child Care and Early Education Chapter 5 The Expressive and Cultural Arts Chapter 6 Social Policy Issues Chapter 7 Services and Information


    Hannah Nuba, Michael Searson, Deborah Lovitky Sheiman

    "Chock full of information about every aspect of early childhood...articles on children's health, temperament, social development, on children and the arts, on children and social issues, on education and parenting...written by experts in the filed...Professionals and parents will want to have a copy of this important book in their libraries for frequent reference." -- Parent and Preschooler Newsletter
    "Useful and unique handbook covers almost all topics in the field of child rearing...extremely useful source for both parents and professionals." -- American Reference Books Annual