1st Edition

Restorative Practices and Bullying

By Margaret Thorsborne, David Vinegrad Copyright 2008

    This book focuses on the needs of the community affected by bullying behaviour, rather than simply apportioning blame and deciding on punishment. It covers topics including: restorative justice and bullying; restorative responses to bullying incidents; and managing reluctance to face up to bullying.

    A4 (297 x 210mm), 62pp  Paperback ISBN 978-0-86388-686-7    ORDER CODE  D11-002-5463  GBP30.99  Foreword  About this manual  Chapter 1 The case for a different approach  Chapter 2 Restorative Justice and bullying  Chapter 3 Restorative responses  Chapter 4 Managing reluctance and preventing re-victimisation  Chapter 5 What if?  Case study Undercvoer teams  Case study School bullying audit flowchart  Case study Boys and skirts  Case study Looking out for our sons  Appendix 1 Community conference script  Appendix 2 The Restorative Dialogue: key questions to manage bullying behaviour  Appendix 3 Ground rules  Appendix 4 Seating plan  Appendix 5 Small group conference script  Appendix 6 Recommended reading and resources  Appendix 7 Glossary of terms  About the authors


    Margaret Thorsborne