This work helps in rethinking behaviour management in the whole school through the use of restorative justice methods. School conferences have proved remarkably successful in teaching students about their responsibilities and accountability to other people. This manual fulfils an important role by outlining the techniques to learn and apply when planning and facilitating conferences. It includes guidance on: analysing current school practice; deciding whether to hold a conference; preparing a conference; convening and facilitating a conference; and, follow-up after a conference. The book contains many key documents such as preparation checklist, conference script, typical agreement, evaluation sheet and case studies. It is suitable for ages 8-16.

    A4 (297 x 210mm), 74pp  Wire-o-bound  ISBN 978-0-86388-687-4  ORDER CODE D11-002-5461  GBP30.99    Foreword  About this manual  Chapter 1 Restorative justice and behaviour management  Chapter 2 Decision making - to conference or not  Chapter 3 Conference preparation  Chapter 4 Convening the conference  Chapter 5 Managing the emotional dynamics  Chapter 6 Conference follow-up  Chapter 7 Looking after yourself  Chapter 8 What if?   Appendix    Preparation checklist    Conference script    Conference agreement    Conference evaluation sheet    Information for community conference participants    Recommended reading    Applying conferencing across the school setting    Case studies  About the authors


    margaret Thorsborne

    "A valuable contribution to those who know that building relationships is more important than rewards and punishment." — Colin Newton, Inclusive Solutions