1st Edition

Rethinking Field Experiences in Preservice Teacher Preparation Meeting New Challenges for Accountability

By Etta R. Hollins Copyright 2015
    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    The focus of this book is the centrality of clinical experiences in preparing teachers to work with students from diverse cultural, economic, and experiential backgrounds. Organized around three themes—learning teaching through the approximation and representation of practice, learning teaching situated in context, and assessing and improving teacher preparation—Rethinking Field Experiences in Preservice Teacher Preparation provides detailed descriptions of theoretically grounded, research-based practices in programs that prepare preservice teachers to contextualize teaching practices in ways that result in a positive impact on learning for traditionally underserved students. These practices serve current demands for teacher accountability for student learning outcomes and model good practice for engaging teacher educators in meaningful, productive dialogue and analysis geared to developing local programs characterized by coherence, continuity, and consistency.


    Chapter 1: Urban Schools as a Context for Learning Teaching
    Magaly Lavadenz and Etta R. Hollins

    Part I: Learning Teaching through the Approximation and Representation of Practice

    Chapter 2: Opportunities and Pitfalls in the Turn toward Clinical Experience in U.S. Teacher Education          Kenneth Zeichner and Marisa Bier

    Chapter 3: Moving from Recommendations to Action in Preparing Professional Educators
    Frances Rust and Renée Tipton Clift

    Chapter 4: Clinical prototypes: Nontraditional Teacher Preparation Programs
    Michelle Haj-Broussard, Jennifer L. Husbands, Belinda Dunnick Karge, Kimberly Walker McAlister, Majorie McCabe, John A. Omelan, Phyllis Payne, Vickie V. Person, Karen Peterson, and Cyndy Stephens

    Part II: Learning Teaching Situated in Context

    Chapter 5: Fostering Community-based Field Experiences in Teacher Education
    Heidi L. Hallman and Terri L. Rodriguez

    Chapter 6: Learning Teaching through Clinical Rotations
    Etta R. Hollins

    Chapter 7: A Clinical Classroom Process
    Antoinette S. Linton and Richard K. Gordon

    Chapter 8: Community Immersion Teacher Development: Pragmatic Knowledge of Family and Community in Professional Field-based Practice
    Peter C. Murrell, Jr., Jessica Strauss, Rachel Carlson, and Maritza Alcoreza Dominguez

    Part III: Assessing and Improving Teacher Preparation

    Chapter 9: Teacher Performance Assessment: Readiness for Professional Practice
    Jamy Stillman, Gisele Ragusa, Andrea Whittaker

    Chapter 10: Building an Agenda and Developing Solutions for Challenges in Clinical Experiences                        Amy Bacevich, Stephanie L. Dodman, Lena "Libby" Hall and Meredith Ludwig

    About the Contributors


     Etta R. Hollins is professor and Kauffman Endowed Chair for Urban Teacher Education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA.