1st Edition

Revival: The Living Touch in Music and Education (1926) A Manual for Musicians and Others

By H. Ernest Hunt Copyright 1926
    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    These chapters contain the subject matter of a year’s course of thirty lectures which have now, for several years past, been given in connection with the Training School for Music Teachers, London, W. I.

    1. The Training of Music Teachers 2. The Duality of Mind 3. Dominant Ideas 4. The Use of Suggestion 5. Body and Mind 6. The Machinery of Thought 7. Training the Senses 8. The Feelings 9. The Feelings (continued) and the Will 10. Memory 11. Imagination 12. Apperception 13. How to Study 14. The Steps of a Lesson 15. Reaction Time 16. Preparation and Method 17. Character Reading 18. Imitation and Originality 19. Physiology 20. Points of Practising 21. Attention and Interest 22. The Use of Habit 23. Musical Memory 24. Discipline and Class Work 25. Class work and Signing Class 26. Points on Performance 27. The aesthetics of sound 28. Education and Life BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX


    H. Ernest Hunt