2nd Edition

Rigor in Your School A Toolkit for Leaders

    276 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    276 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    276 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    Raise the level of rigor in your school and dramatically improve student learning with the tools in this book! In Rigor in Your School: A Toolkit for Leaders, Second Edition, each illuminating exercise is tailored to leaders looking to spread the word on rigor and beat the obstacles to achieving school-wide improvement. In this new edition, the authors answer more questions about common obstacles faced by principals, explore how technology can support rigor in your school, and provide additional information on collaborative tools for building a culture that supports rigor for all.

    The tools in this book help you:

    • Assess where you are now
    • Evaluate and adjust curriculum
    • Design an advocacy plan
    • Ensure accountability with parents
    • Use your school's schedule to increase rigor
    • And more!

    For both new and experienced leaders, you’ll find this easy-to-use toolkit full of practical templates and strategies to implement immediately. Many tools are available as free eResources from our website, www.routledge.com/ 9781138665293.



    Meet the Authors


    1. Leadership for Increased Rigor
    2. Rigor, Research, and the Change Process
    3. Culture
    4. Ownership and Shared Vision
    5. Managing Data
    6. Professional Development
    7. Advocacy
    8. Shared Accountability
    9. Structures that Support Rigor
    10. Moving Forward for Growth
    11. Professional Development for Your Teachers



    Dr. Ronald Williamson is Professor of Leadership at Eastern Michigan University. He is a former principal, central office administrator, and Executive Director of the National Middle School Association (now AMLE).

    Dr. Barbara R. Blackburn is the bestselling author of sixteen books and is a sought-after consultant. She was an award-winning professor at Winthrop University and has taught students of all ages.

    "Ronald Williamson and Barbara Blackburn have created an excellent resource that guides and supports educational leaders in their journey to engage students through rigor and relevance in the classroom. With over 100 tools consisting of reflective activities, rubrics, guides, stories, check lists, data analysis, and surveys, this book is ‘packed’ with practical strategies that can be implemented quickly. The comprehensive nature of this book makes it a "go to" resource for today’s effective leaders."
    —Ann W. Linson, Superintendent, East Noble School Corporation, IN

    "‘Rigor’ has become an overused buzzword in recent years. Thankfully, rigor experts, Barbara Blackburn and Ronald Williamson have delivered this invaluable field guide featuring over 100 tools to help us implement their definition of rigor, something that should be the goal of all schools. This is a must-read for every school principal and school/district leadership team member who wants to prepare students for the 21st century and beyond."
    —Laura Von Staden, Special Education Lead Teacher, FL