1st Edition

Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists and Governments

Edited By Scira Menoni Copyright 2010

    The contributions in Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists and Government looks at risks not just as a technical, social, political or economic matter, but as originating and challenging the various disciplines. Contextual aspects, usually defined by engineers as "margin conditions", are generally not looked at, but deserve much more atttention, particularly when uncertainties are large. This book focuses on topics that received little attention until now, like economic aspects of disasters and land use planning as a mitigation tool. However, the volume also leaves room for more traditional issues, like risk perception, and environmental risk assessment of pollutants, plants, and new substances introduced in the market.

    Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists and Government is divided in four parts:

    - Emergency preparedness: from contingency plans to crisis management

    - Environment and public health: looking for new risk assessment tools

    - Embedding social and economic perspectives into risk assessment and management

    - Risk mitigation criteria in land use planning and critical infrastructures siting and design

    The book is particularly of interest to scientists in engineering, physics, medicine, biology,  and social sciences focusing on risk aspects, risk analysis, and risk assessment.

    Risks challenging publics, scientists and governments: An introduction Organization; S. Menoni

    Emergency Preparedness: From Contingency Plans to Crisis Management

    Organization and structure of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) special firemen units in Italy; A. Pugliano

    NEDIES: A European portal for the generation and dissemination of lessons learned from disasters; E. Krausmann, M. Christou, S. Scheer, S. Mara, J. Hervas and M. Delaval

    Multi-criteria decision aid for nuclear emergency management: Problem structuring based on a stakeholders survey; C.O. Turcanu, B. Carlé and F. Hardeman

    The Potenza Province emergency plan: The seismic vulnerability map of buildings for the construction of earthquake damage scenarios; A. Attolico, A. Bixio and S. Pacifico

    Seismic risk assessment: A software procedure for the simulation of damage scenarios in emergency management; A. Attolico and A. Bixio

    Pilot project for a global safety plan on economic areas; C. Fiévez, D. Dupuis, X. Dugnoille and C. Delvosalle

    Environment and Public Health: Looking For New Risk Assessment Tools

    A framework for decision support on HSE regulations; T. Aven, F. Asche, P. Lindoe, A. Toft and H.S. Wiencke

    Nutritional balance, the key to reducing the risks to the health of school children; R. Nelson, D. McCleery, N. Windrum, J. Phelan, A. Markey and R. Sweetnam

    Release of toxic substances into the atmosphere: Forecast, prevention and protection of the human health Organizational model for the management of Civil Protection interventions; G. Evangelista, G. Francioni and E. Tonelli

    Rapid evaluation of ecological risk in soil with DNA biosensor; G. Bagni, M. Mascini, E. Sturchio, P. Boccia and S. Marconi

    Bioindicators to detect environmental damage after "fall out" of pollutants; E. Sturchio, P. Boccia, S. Marconi, P. Ferrazza, C. Beni, R. Aromolo, B. Felici, B. Ficociello, L. Casorri, A. Gatteschi and C. Conti

    The soil contamination with cadmium after applications of sewage sludge; K. Hyblerova, F. Bozek, J. Hlusek and T. Losak

    Embedding Social and Economic Perspectives Into Risk Assessment and Management

    Perceptions of risk; D. Zaruk

    Perceived ways to adapt to the potential effects of the climate change in the northernmost Europe; M. Rusanen and T. Rusanen

    Integrated risk analysis: How to consider coping capacity?; C. Frischknecht, J.-J. Wagner and F. Romerio

    Use of a national population database to aid major hazard modeling and risk estimation; H. Balmforth, H. McManus and A. Fowler

    Interdisciplinary quality-of-life parameters as a universal risk measure; U. Köhler, D. Proske and M. Curbach

    Improving information of major technological risks by research in social sciences; A. Van Zanten

    Whistleblowing, risk communication as core feature of sustainable management; B. Rohde-Liebenau

    The contribution of economic and public-private cooperation instruments to the prevention and mitigation of natural hazards; G. Pesaro

    Estimation of economic losses according to the earthquake scenarios for Istanbul; S. Kundak

    A. Taylan, Evaluation of the possible urban planning and insurance policies to create a risk reduction culture in Turkey; A. Taylan

    Risk Mitigation Criteria in Land Use Planning And Critical Infrastructures Sitting and Design

    The "seismic behaviour" of urban complex systems; A. Galderisi and A. Ceudech

    Spatial planning processes, territorial planning law and flood risk in the region of Valencia (Spain); J. Olcina Cantos

    From structural to systemic: Proposals to make French flood management more consistent and robust; P. Pigeon

    Environmental liability as a prevention tool: A GIS application; C. Simeoni and S. Bellagamba

    Nation’s critical infrastructures: Inherent vulnerabilities and economic fall backs of their unavailability; M. Martelli and P. Spagnesi

    Safety information systems related to transport of dangerous goods in Norway; O. Njå and J. Vatn

    Methodology based on indicators for comparison of risks results from diverse energy systems; A. Colli, C. Kirchsteiger, A.L. Vetere Arellano and B. Ale

    Implementation of safety management systems in nuclear power plants in Germany and results of a German research project; B. Ernst, H.P. Berg and H.P. Balfanz

    Determinants of investment risk in processes of transformation and modernization of polish heat energy sector; E. Sitek

    Environmental conflicts in Hungary—the case of the used battery reprocessing plants; R. Szanto

    Knowledge based tools for stability verification during pressure equipment life cycle; P.A. Bragatto, P. Pittiglio and S. Ansaldi

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    Scira Menoni