1st Edition

Rituals and Traditional Events in the Modern World

ISBN 9781138083431
Published May 24, 2017 by Routledge
260 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Many events have evolved over centuries, drawing on local customs and conditions. However, as the world becomes increasingly globalised, traditional events and the identities they support are increasingly being challenged and rituals may be lost. Reacting against this trend towards homogeneity, communities strive to preserve and even recreate their traditional events, which may require rituals to be resurrected or reinvented for a new audience.

The aim of this book is to explore the role of traditional events and rituals in the modern world. The 16 chapters cover a range of case studies of the performance of ritual through events, including their historical antecedents and development over time, as well as their role in society, link with identities both seemingly fixed and fluid and their continued relevance. The cases examined are not museum pieces, but rather vibrant festivals and events that continue to persist. Drawing on the power of history and cultural tradition, they are manifestations of heritage, existing in three temporalities: celebrating the past, occurring in the present and aiming to continue into and influence the future. Iconic events including Chinese New Year, Hogmanay and the New Orleans Mardi Gras are examined and examples are drawn from a diverse range of countries such as South Korea, China, Laos, the United States, Scotland, Italy, India and Haiti.

This volume provides a deep understanding upon the role of tradition and ritual within events, from a global perspective and will be valuable reading for students, researchers and academics interested in events, heritage and culture.

Table of Contents

1. From Pre-Modern Rituals to Modern Events  Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing  Section 1: Asia  2. Ganesh Festival: A Ten Day Extravaganza; A Life Full of Meanings Kiran Shinde  3. Divali Festival in Mauritius: The Development of a Conceptual Framework for Understanding Attitudes Towards and Intentions to Celebrate Traditional Cultural Festivals Haywantee Ramkissoon  4. Transforming Tradition: Performing Wedding Ritual in Modern China Yujie Zhu and Yu Hua  5. Recreation of Traditional Ritual into Festival: The Case of Kangnung Danoje Festival in South Korea Sunny Lee and Aise Kim  6. Wishing You Health, Wealth, Success and Happiness: Exploring the Rituals and Traditions of Chinese New Year Leanne White and Daniel Leung  7. Catholic Processions in Macau Ubaldino Couto  Section 2: Europe  8. Christmas Traditions: Pagan Roots, Invented Rites Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost  9. Beyond the Masks: Continuity and Change in a Sardinian Rite Monica Iorio and Geoffrey Wall  10. Layers of Passage: The Ritual Performance and Liminal Bleed of the Beltane Fire Festival, Edinburgh Ross Tinsley and Catherine Matheson  11. Hogmanay Rituals: Scotland’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations Elspeth Frew and Judith Mair  Section 3: The Americas  12. Punishment and the Rite of Purification at the Angola Prison Rodeo  Mary Gould  13. Mardi Gras Indians: Rituals of Resistance and Resilience in Changing Times Sue Beeton  14. Gender, Subversion and Ritual: Helldorado Days, Tombstone, Arizona Warwick Frost and Jennifer Laing  15. Voodoo in Haiti: A Religious Ceremony at the Service of the ‘Houngan’ called ‘Tourism’ Hugues Séraphin and Emma Nolan  16. Setting a Research Agenda for Rituals and Traditional Events Jennifer Laing and Warwick Frost

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Jennifer Laing is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events at La Trobe University. Her research interests include travel narratives; the role of events in society and heritage tourism. She has co-written books with Warwick Frost on the influence of books on travel, commemorative events and explorer travellers and adventure tourism.

Warwick Frost is an Associate Professor in Tourism and Events at La Trobe University. His research interests include heritage, events, nature-based attractions and the interaction between media, popular culture and tourism. He has co-written books with Jennifer Laing on the influence of books on travel, commemorative events and explorer travellers and adventure tourists.